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循环流化床 (CFB) 或鼓泡流化床 (BFB) 锅炉

流化床技术通过允许床温控制并使用反应物(例如石灰石)作为床材料,实现降低 NOx 和 SO2 排放的优势。 其他优点包括能够使用传统锅炉系统难燃的燃料,例如生物质或废物燃料。

B&W 先进的循环流化床 (CFB) 和鼓泡流化床 (BFB) 设计非常灵活可靠,可满足许多应用中最严苛的需求。

我们的 CFB 和 BFB 技术具有:

  • 高燃烧效率
  • 紧凑经济的设计
  • 更高的可靠性和可用性
  • 更低的维护成本
  • 减少侵蚀
  • 燃料灵活性
  • 低排放

Fluidized Bed Boilers

B&W’s IR-CFB low maintenance design features:

  • Two-stage particle collection requires less maintenance than hot cyclones:
    • Eliminates thick refractory linings
    • Subject to lower erosion and can be thermally cycled faster than thick refractory
    • U-beams capture and recycle solids at lower gas velocities
    • Multi-cyclone dust collector (MDC) with metallic cyclones operate at lower temperature
    • Air slides eliminate loop seals and loop seal blowers
    • No sootblowers are needed with lower gas velocity convection pass; fine solids clean the tubes
    • MDC storage hoppers offer independent heat transfer control and more operating flexibility
  • Thin cooled refractory with higher stud density in furnace is a robust wall protector
  • IR-CFB uses 1/10 the mass of refractory of a hot cyclone CFB
  • Reduced diameter zone (RDZ) almost completely eliminates solids erosion of membrane wall at the transition section (solids flow obstructions from refractory and change in wall angle)
  • Bubble caps minimize back sifting of bed solids and bubble cap erosion
  • U-beams are contained in a water/steam-cooled enclosure eliminating hot expansion joints
  • Open bottom design can handle tramp materials in feed


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B&W 设计、建造和供应燃烧生物质的鼓泡流化床 (BFB) 锅炉,以替换密苏里大学现有的燃煤锅炉,并为大学校园提供用于供热和其他用途的电能和蒸汽。 设计用于燃烧硬木片和大学校园附近的各种当地机会燃料,该锅炉将降低二氧化硫的排放,并且灰少于典型的燃煤锅炉。