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Say hello to good biomass

The Generator & Biomass

The use of biomass fuels for transportation and for electricity generation is increasing in many developed countries as a means of avoiding carbon dioxide emissions (EIA, 08/2020). To share knowledge on this important topic, B&W is excited to participate at the 14th International Biomass Conference & Expo on March 16-17.  This year’s virtual conference highlights all things biomass and features a presentation by B&W Subject Matter Expert and Advisory Engineer Jim DeSellem, Unlocking the Combustion Question for a Waste Stream.”
If you’re registered for the conference, be sure to tune in to Jim’s presentation on Wednesday at approximately 2:15pm CST for achieving successful and sustainable conversion of cellulosic ethanol waste to usable energy.


Which ESP design comes out on top?


The Generator & ESP

In choosing between top-rapped or tumbling hammer electrostatic precipitator designs, one offers significantly improved performance and maintainability. In the January 2021 edition of International Cement Review, B&W’s John Knapik offers an analysis and a solution to further reduce particulate matter on marginally performing ESPs. The article highlights advantages of the leading design and how to achieve greater performance through a conversion.
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New contracts contribute to cleaner energy

The Generator & Clean Energy


B&W is proud to support our customers’ commitments to protecting our environment and advancing cleaner energy. Recent project awards include:





More good news flowing

Water & The Generator

Our B&W Thermal segment has been awarded a US$15 million contract to supply industrial boilers essential to the desalination process of an important municipal project. The high-temperature, high-pressure, natural gas-fired package boilers will be used to help provide the municipality with drinking water for local residents and businesses. 





An EPIC video highlighting EPIC results

The Generator & B&W's Presentation at EPIC

B&W experts Tim Fuller and Jeremy Brown recently delivered a video presentation to EPIC (Energy Progress and Innovation Conference) on the results of our successful data-driven project at a U.S. power plant. After installing FocalPoint™ software-based combustion optimization platform, the plant reduced emissions and improved performance and ramp rates.




Did you know?

George Babcock was a founding member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, established in New York City in 1880.