Performance Improvements Through Intelligent Sootblowing Optimization at Longview Power

Presented to: Power-Gen International
December 13-15, 2016
Orlando, Florida, USA

J. Custer - Longview Power, LLC - Maidsville, West Virginia, U.S.A.
T.A. Fuller - Babcock & Wilcox - Barberton, Ohio, U.S.A.


Power plants are constantly challenged to minimize the cost of operation while maximizing unit availability. Sootblowing optimization has become an important low-cost tool for increasing efficiency and maximizing unit output of coal-fired plants. Performance-based intelligent sootblowing provides power plants with a cost-effective method of achieving unit cleanliness and performance improvements while reducing costs such as fuel usage, maintenance, sootblowing medium management, and tube failures due to sootblower erosion. By targeting the specific areas that have reduced heat transfer, sootblowing can be applied as necessary to maintain unit performance. This is achieved using a unit-specific boiler heat transfer model to calculate real-time heat transfer efficiency for every heat trap component in the unit, including the furnace.

This paper will show how performance improvements have been realized on Longview Power’s 700 megawatt (MW) Foster Wheeler low mass flux vertical tube wall-fired advanced supercritical unit firing high-sulfur coal in Maidsville, West Virginia, USA. It will describe the successful implementation of the Babcock & Wilcox Titanium™ intelligent sootblowing system on the Longview power plant. The paper will also demonstrate how optimizing Longview’s sootblowing process reduced slagging, improved overall cleanliness, reduced reheat spray flow, and improved unit heat rate.

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