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B&W's clean power technologies include decarbonization, hydrogen production, solar, energy storage, WtE, emissions control and steam generation.

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Renewable, decarbonization technologies utilize the energy in municipal solid waste, biomass and the sun to create a more sustainable future for the energy transition.

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Committed to environmentally sustainable power generation with emissions control systems technologies and solutions proven to help preserve earth’s natural resources.

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Since 1867, we have provided the world’s most efficient thermal boiler systems, parts, construction, upgrades, and services for power and industry.

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Waste-to-Energy Overview

Waste-to-energy (WtE) is a vital part of a circular economy, a proven source of renewable energy that diverts waste from landfills.

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Biomass to Energy Overview

What is Biomass-to-Energy Production? Biomass is a carbon-neutral fuel source which B&W can harness into energy by using a wide range of reliable and proven technologies.

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Sustainability is at the heart of B&W’s products and technologies. And, we are committed to doing our part for today, tomorrow and future generations.

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B&W History of Power Production

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At B&W we value the health and safety of each employee and will never be satisfied until the workplace is free of accidents and injuries.

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