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FPS® Ignitors

Over 11,000 worldwide FPS industrial boiler ignitor installations

FPS® Ignitors

FPS Ignitors

Gas & Oil Ignitor Nozzles

B&W leads the market in the supply, service and support of reliable ignition equipment, with an international installed base of over 11,000 FPS® ignitors (also known as igniter), in a wide variety of burner designs and fuel applications. Installations range in size from single burner package boilers to the largest boilers in the world. Our largest installation was a 1300 MW boiler with 112 ignitors.

From our main office and factory in Nova Scotia, Canada, we design, test and fabricate all our ignitors. This process has been in place from the first ignitor designed and produced and allows our product application/service engineers, ignitor design engineers and fabrication personnel to work closely together ensuring a quality product.

We recognize that our customers have unique ignition requirements due to inherent differences in their boilers, burners or fuel supply systems. Each boiler ignitor application is different and must be studied to ensure that the correct ignition product is supplied. Our dedicated team of product application engineers work directly with users of the ignition products to ensure that the correct ignitor is selected and customized for each application. All aspects of the application will be reviewed, including but not limited to: fuel type, fuel source, fuel supply piping, valves, fuel pressure control, desired firing rate, air delivery system, atomizing media, burner type and ignitor location within the burner.

All FPS products are backed by outstanding customer service and more than 150 years of quality, integrity and field experience. Through the careful integration of electrical and mechanical components, our developers have achieved optimal performance in fuel atomization, combustion, flame stability and flame monitoring.

FPS Boiler Ignitor Features

  • FPS Ignitors can be supplied to fulfill NFPA Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 & Class 3 Special Ignitor requirements.
  • Ignitors are available as stationary (no moving components for low maintenance) or retractable to suit user requirements.
  • Gas/oil dual fuel ignitors are available to allow for quick switching of the ignitor fuel supply.
  • All FPS ignitors feature our Plasma Arc Ignition (PAI) system.
  • Alternative energy fuels such as bio-diesel, methanol and bio-gas can be utilized with FPS ignitor products.

FPS Industrial Boiler Ignitor Products

FPS Gas Ignitors

FPS gas ignitors are available in heat releases ranging from 1,000,000 Btu/hr to 30,000,000 Btu/hr. All gas ignitors feature three-stage ignition to create a continuous, lively, self-renewing flame unaffected by burner and furnace conditions. Stainless steel gas nozzles and furnace side components are designed to withstand the boiler environment.

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FPS Oil Ignitors

FPS oil ignitors are available in heat releases ranging from 2,000,000 Btu/hr. to 30,000,000 Btu/hr. The reliability of FPS oil ignitors is enhanced by the atomizer design which produces small, readily combustible droplets of oil. The nozzle design then distributes the atomized oil in a staged manner producing a continuous, lively, self-renewing flame unaffected by burner and furnace conditions.

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FPS Plasma Arc Ignitors

FPS plasma arc ignitors are designed to provide a high output pulsed spark (3 sparks/sec) for the forceful ignition of fuel oil. Each powerful spark pulse creates a shock at the spark plug tip, which disperses any material collecting on the tip of the spark plug. This continuous cleaning of the spark tip reduces the need for manual cleaning which is characteristic of continuous voltage ignition systems.

SunSpot II Ignitor Flame Detector

Our SunSpot II ignitor flame detector is used for ignitor flame detection. The SunSpot flame detector is reliable, economical, and works for both oil and gas ignitors.

Most notably, the Sunspot ignitor flame detector will provide absolutely 100% discriminating capability against all other boiler flames with no tuning required. It simply guarantees the presence of an established ignitor flame.