Long-term Clean Energy Storage

Supporting the growth of renewable power

Long-term Clean Energy Storage

For fast-response electricity generation

As installations of intermittent renewable wind and solar power sources increase, long-term energy storage (LTES) will become more important.

Technologies will need to evolve to enable systems with storage capacities targeting 10, 20 and even higher hours.

Through our Renewable segment, B&W is actively engaged in advancing energy storage technologies for both short-term immediate deployment opportunities and long-term systems up to 100 hours.

Our strategic partnership agreement with Eos Energy Enterprises (Eos) authorizes us to sell, install and service its unique, safe and flexible energy storage solution for a wide range of industrial, utility and commercial applications.

Additionally, our exclusive intellectual property option agreement for advanced, renewable energy storage technology with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has expanded our commitment of research and development efforts to support the growth of renewable power as a source for reliable baseload energy.

Our proven and established circulating, bubbling and pressurized fluid-bed boiler heat exchanger technologies are the cornerstones for advancing the development of this long-term thermal energy storage solution. Research advancements in this area are critical to allow power producers to store solar or wind energy for the continuous generation of reliable, grid-scale power.

Whether with battery back-up for fast-response electricity generation to address short-term fluctuations or for longer-term lapses due to disruptions in the renewable power infrastructure, B&W is well-positioned to become a full-scope energy storage supplier and system integrator.