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The energy transition is happening now. And as evidenced by the 100+ projects the B&W solar team has installed. B&W continues to find new ways to bring clean power production to our customers. Join the revolution of creating greater resource security by adding solar to your power production portfolio.

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Industry Leading EPC Services

B&W offers forward-thinking solar solutions and the highest quality construction. Our solar expertise is demonstrated in the reliability of our system design and construction, verified solar production and optimized system integration.

Our integration team has been named one of the top 30 EPC contractors in the U.S. solar industry (Solar Power World 2021) and top 100 in total megawatts installed.

It's time to add solar to your power production infrastructure.

Engineering & Procurement

  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Grid Integration and Interconnection
  • Technical Evaluation
  • AC & DC Engineering
  • Permitting and AHJ Permissions
  • Logistics
  • Strategic Procurement of Structural Components and Electrical BOE


  • Subcontractor Management
  • On-Site Construction Management
  • Coordination and Supervision of Projects
  • Utility Interconnections
  • Quality and Commissioning Control
  • Electrical and Structural QA/QC

The Clean Generation of Power Production

Adding Solar to Your Power Generation Is the Natural Next Step

Babcock & Wilcox has a long tradition of focusing on high efficiency and low emissions. Our renewable and environmental technologies can provide an integrated systems solution for the next generation of power production. 

A solar addition can work for your operations for multiple reasons: 1) powering up/down operations, 2) supplemental/plant energy source, and/or 3) additional MW/GW output. There is no limit to the possibilities our team can explore with you to add solar to your power production infrastructure. 

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The Clean Generation of Power Production

Adding Solar to Your Power Generation Is the Natural Next Step

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Oversight on more than 100 MW of solar projects

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