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Titanium® Sootblowing Controls

Our Titanium® sootblower control system is an easy-to-use and cost-effective boiler cleaning control solution. It is fully functional for remote control of your boiler cleaning through a touch-screen interface, or can be integrated with your boiler’s distributed control system (DCS). Titanium control users can operate up to 300 devices with 70 programmable sequences. With the capability to add advanced control of thermal drains and the optional header PID, as well as the option to control multiple boilers, the Titanium sootblower control system offers a versatile suite of configurable controls at an economical price.

B&W’s Titanium suite of sootblower controls is designed so users can easily upgrade as needs or boiler conditions evolve, requiring enhanced control technology. Equipped with industry standard hardware and open architecture, the Titanium control platform is customizable to your unique plant needs.

B&W’s experienced team of professionals can quickly and effectively understand your boiler cleaning objectives. We provide:

  • 24-hour customer service
  • Highly qualified and experienced engineers and technical support
  • Special service agreements available upon request

Titanium Monitor Babcock Wilcox

Titanium Sootblowing Controls Screenshot Babcock Wilcox

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Standardization provides fast delivery and reliability

A key benefit of B&W’s Titanium sootblower control system is its robust architecture. We use a rugged industrial PLC, standard PLC IE-1161 code and HMI. The HMI interfaces to:

  • PC with FactoryTalk® View SE HMI
  • DCS integrated sootblower controls
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView™ HMI
  • Key Features
  • Utilizes industry standard PLC hardware and software tools
  • PLC based HMI – IEC-61131 protocol with OPC connectivity
  • Seamlessly integrates with DCS control systems
  • Able to use most existing I/0
  • Controls up to 300 cleaning devices
  • Blower historian (optional)
  • Benefits
  • Provides easy migration paths for system enhancements and upgrades
  • Can provide lower lifecycle costs
  • Detailed alarm history event viewer
  • Intuitive operations, quick to commission with little ongoing tuning
  • Flexible operator interface; designed to interface with a computer, PanelView HMI or directly to the DCS HMI
  • Advanced control for auxiliaries (thermal drain control, header PID, etc.)

Quality you can trust

As a leading supplier of Diamond Power® boiler cleaning control systems, B&W strives to maintain the highest quality standards for all our products. Each control system undergoes extensive quality tests and inspections, including the use of live inputs and outputs, checking operational functionality and alarms. Before delivery, we ensure that all our products comply with customer specifications as well as all factory acceptance testing requirements.