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Emissions Control for Pulp and Paper Mills

Emissions Controls for Pulp and PaperB&W is a leader in providing technology to help our customers meet the latest environmental requirements. We have the experience and expertise to design systems that minimize emissions such as particulates, NOx, SO2, CO and VOC.

Low Odor Conversions

As environmental requirements change, there is often a need to replace direct contact black liquor evaporation with new evaporator islands. Removing the direct contact evaporator from the boiler island has significant consequences to the entire recovery boiler system. This is especially true for the superheater and boiler circulation. The evaporator is replaced with economizer surface that must be properly designed to effectively fit into the available boiler space and must recover the heat that was previously used to concentrate black liquor.

Noncondensable Gases

Mills require a safe and reliable system for burning waste streams in recovery and power boilers to meet environmental regulations for effluent discharge. B&W has the technology and worldwide experience to burn dilute and concentrated noncondensible gases (NCGs) in a recovery or power boiler.

We recognize the hazards of waste stream incineration in recovery boilers and, based on comprehensive engineering studies, can provide the required designs and installation of burners, air ducts and transport systems necessary for the effective and safe burning of NCGs.


B&W provides a wide range of solutions for the removal of particulate matter (PM) produced during combustion or manufacturing processes. Our latest electrostatic precipitator (ESP) design provides many advantages, including high removal efficiency, high temperature capacity, wide capacity range, low maintenance, quality mechanical and electrical components for long life and advanced controls and software for optimum operation.

In addition, we provide a wide range of ESP rebuilds, upgrades and aftermarket parts to help keep your ESP functioning at peak performance.