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Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) Systems

B&W’s powdered activated carbon (PAC) injection technology is a technically and commercially proven approach to remove mercury emissions.

Based on specific application requirements and an evaluation of the entire emissions control system, we can design and supply an integrated system for mercury control which incorporates PAC injection, various fuel additives, and our Absorption Plus (Hg)® technologies to provide the lowest cost system while achieving optimal mercury emissions removal.

Standard PAC, which removes more than 90% of total mercury, is used predominantly when firing bituminous and other medium to high sulfur coals.

Technology Benefits

  • Low capital, operating and maintenance costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Proven performance

Technology Features

  • Standard or brominated PAC based on sorbent cost and fuel characteristics
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling used to optimize the injection grid design and PAC usage
  • Bulk material storage, handling and transport system includes truck/rail unloading, silo, weigh hopper and feeders, and transport air blowers

Our total integrated system approach to pollutant mitigation can provide you with the greatest flexibility, performance and certainty while minimizing capital and operating costs.

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Mercury HAPS Control