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Allen-Sherman-Hoff® Ash and Material Handling

Allen-Sherman-Hoff® Ash and Material Handling

B&W is the original equipment manufacturer of all Allen-Sherman-Hoff® (or A-S-H®) ash handling equipment, systems and replacement parts.

Combining our strengths, history and experience, B&W’s extensive knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of various material combinations has made us an integral supplier of customized ash and material handling solutions.

A-S-H® Overview

Our Allen-Sherman-Hoff® (A-S-H®) ash handling product line includes bottom and fly ash handling solutions as well as other material handling technologies.

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Bottom Ash Systems

In addition to providing operational and environmental benefits, B&W’s Allen-Sherman-Hoff bottom ash systems are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to ash storage ponds. Our bottom ash systems are available in either wet or dry types.

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Fly Ash Systems

Allen-Sherman-Hoff fly ash systems are a reliable, low maintenance, cost-effective means of conveying and collecting fly ash from a boiler and its emissions control systems. 

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Parts & Services

B&W provides high performance parts and upgrades for its Allen-Sherman-Hoff® line of ash handling equipment, as well as most other brands. Inventory is maintained for a wide range of critical parts, which means fast delivery of the parts you need most.

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