February 2020 

Part 2: Key operating functions that can optimize efficiency

Optimizing boiler and steam system efficiency is more important than ever. Although a boiler’s efficiency is primarily a result of its design, an operator can maintain or significantly improve efficiency by effectively managing various techniques and key functions. Read Part 2 of our series which discusses key operating functions.


SCR temperature control at low boiler loads

B&W developed an innovative economizer system while working directly with a customer to achieve selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system turndown on a unit that historically had operated as a base-load boiler. Read about the solution and how we did it here:


B&W subsidiary to supply sootblowers for power plants in Asia

B&W’s Scotland-based subsidiary, Diamond Power Specialty Limited (DPSL), has been awarded two contracts to supply sootblowers and furnace cleaning systems for two coal-fired power plants under construction in Asia. The combined value of these contracts is more than $4 million.


Primed for ash handling

Need a quick overview or refresher on power plant ash handling? This article in our Learning Center describes the various ash sources in a power plant, defines some common terminology, and provides a brief summary of principles and applications.


Maintenance services can help reduce the pressure on your in-house staff resources

Like a properly designed pressure relief valve, our maintenance services can help supplement and support your in-house staff. Our custom maintenance programs can include preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance procedures, scheduled maintenance services, and/or major component refurbishments, all working in conjunction with your plant personnel.

For example, a recent contract renewal with a western utility covers general plant maintenance, coal pulverizer equipment maintenance, and outage support.


Did you know?

A little over 70 years ago (in 1949), B&W introduced the package boiler, the company’s first integral, self-contained “ready-to-use” boiler unit. The package, or FM, boiler answered industry’s call for a smaller boiler which could be assembled and erected onsite with minimal delay for quick steam service.

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