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[VIDEO] Engineering Technology for the execution of safe, cost-effective and efficient projects


Chad joins us to discuss how construction technology plays a pivotal role in the Babcock & Wilcox Construction Company, LLC in this installment of B&W's Ask the Expert. 
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[VIDEO] Powerful Precipitators for Wood-Fired Applications


John returns to talk about powerful precipitators for wood-fired applications. He discusses the most significant improvements he has seen in his career and one diagnostic check he recommends on an operating ESP.
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[VIDEO] O&M Cost Savings for CCR / ELG Regulations


This new bottom ash system is designed for flexibility and loved for cost savings. Find out more in this episode of Ask the Expert.
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How to Turn Waste Sludge Into Revenue [VIDEO]


Find out how B&W uses fluidized-bed boilers to turn waste sludge into revenue in this episode of Ask the Expert.  
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