B&W Controls and Diagnostic Systems

Controls & Diagnostics
Intelligent systems for optimized system performance

Flame Doctor® Diagnostic System            

FlameDoctor in Use

The Flame Doctor® burner diagnostic system provided by B&W provides real-time analysis for each burner on your boiler. It analyzes individual burner performance, identifies poorly performing burners, and provides a root cause diagnosis to help guide adjustments.

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Controls                          

B&W Precipitator Controls and Software

We're dedicated to helping keep your ESP functioning at peak performance.  In addition to a complete line of engineered mechanical upgrades, rebuilds and parts, B&W can integrate precipitator electronics and software technologies.  With more than 16,000 controls installed in 52 countries in over 400 plants, our ESP solutions can achieve enhanced performance.

Titanium® Boiler Cleaning Controls and Intelligent Sootblowing

Diamond Power Installed Sootblowers

The Titanium® boiler cleaning control systems from B&W integrate and upgrade B&W’s legacy SentrySeries® advanced sootblower controls and Power Clean® intelligent sootblowing (ISB) systems into a modern platform. The result is a system designed to provide flexibility and optimum boiler cleanliness in a user-friendly package.

FocalPoint™ Optimization System      

B&W Combustion Diagnostic Systems

B&W offers the FocalPoint™ optimization system to provide operational benefits, including among other things, increased boiler efficiency and reduced emissions. With the FocalPoint system, we use our proprietary combustion, performance and environmental models to develop tailored optimization schemes for your unit.

Boiler Monitoring, Cameras & Diagnostics

B&W's Diamond Power® Electronics line of boiler monitoring systems include optical pyrometers for gas temperature measurement, drum level guages for low and high pressure boilers, Utilicam® AT and Wall-Eye® camera systems, heat flux sensors and more.

Cooling System Online Monitoring

Dry Cooling Systems
To optimize the life and performance of cooling systems, it is critical to collect, monitor and analyze system operating conditions. B&W SPIG's UNICO online continuous monitoring system is designed for cooling towers, air cooled condensers and air fin coolers in a wide range of industries and applications.

Vistacon™ Industrial Boiler Control Systems

Vistacon Boiler Control Systems
As an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing robust, reliable steam generation systems for process or power applications, B&W’s Vistacon™ industrial boiler control systems are backed by engineering expertise and TUV safety-certified personnel in control system design and fabrication.