Vølund™ Systems

Vølund™ Systems

B&W Renewable, through its Vølund product line, has designed and built more than 560 waste-to-energy lines around the world -and a remarkable number of them are still in use, many decades after they were built.

When we developed our first waste-to-energy plant back in 1930, it revolutionized waste-disposal techniques. Since then we’ve grown to become one of the world’s leading technology suppliers for converting household waste and biomass into heat and power.

Combustion Grates & Stokers

In a waste-to-energy plant, the grate is where waste is converted into energy – the heart of the system. Over the past 80 years we have supplied more than 500 combustion grates worldwide.

Waste Fuel Feeder Systems

Steady and continuous feeding of fuel in waste-to-energy plants is the key to stable operation, maximum efficiency, and lower operational and maintenance costs.

Water-Cooled Wear Zones

Water-cooled wear zones are a revolutionary, efficient, and economical way to improve operational accessibility and productivity for waste-fired power plants.

VoluMixTM Systems

Proper turbulent mixing of the flue gases in the boiler furnace provides a better combustion process and burn-out in the gas phase.



energy efficiency.


We have designed and built more than 560 waste-to-energy lines around the world.


Each plant produces energy in more than 8,000 hours each year.

"This plant will produce in excess of 7 MW of electricity. That is a major power generator. It will be one of the most efficient plants in the whole of UK. That is why it was chosen. I think this is the technology that the UK should follow. It is an exemplar project."

John Harrison   
Director of Resources   
Peterborough City Council   

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