Plotting, Tracking and Optimizing Electrostatic Precipitator Operation

Presented to: Power-Gen International
December 5-7, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

R.E. Hummell - Babcock & Wilcox - Barberton, Ohio, U.S.

A.M. Williams - Duke Energy - Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.A.


Many industrial plants are faced with the reality of reduced staffing, which may have resulted in the loss of an on-site electrostatic precipitator expert. This has created a void in which precipitator troubleshooting, operation and optimization may not be fully understood. Problems such as increased emissions, back corona and ineffective rapping (to name a few) may go undiagnosed which may lead to de-rates, upsets or shutdowns.

The PrecipRADAR™ software is a new and unique approach to analyzing precipitator operation and brings the precipitator expert to the site. In this paper some results gathered from the software will be discussed by highlighting some of the issues it can uncover and the options to improve precipitator performance. The intent is to help the end user understand the benefits of this technology.

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