Likeng II: Guangzhou, China
Waste-to-Energy Plant

Babcock & Wilcox Vølund’s license partner Grantop (Guangzhou Environment Protection Investment Co. Ltd.) has completed the Likeng II waste-to-energy plant in Guangzhou, China. The plant is one of the largest Chinese waste-to-energy plants and it is specifically designed for Chinese waste. This includes the waste characteristics with high moisture and low calorific value.

The Likeng II plant has 3 lines of 750 tonnes waste capacity per day each, based on B&W Vølund engineering design and key components. 

Scope of Supply

Babcock and Wilcox Vølund has supplied: 

  • Basic design of boiler including technical assistance for construction and commissioning. Furthermore, a review of boiler detail design a review of boiler detail design and functional description for DCS.
  • Air-cooled Vølund grate.
  • Waste charging system with a feeding damper.
  • Feeding chute and feeding pusher.
  • Slag pusher.
  • Construction and commissioning advisors.

 Data Plant Design
 Process Parameters  Values  Units
 Waste Capacity 3 x 31.3 t/h
 Heat Value, Lower 6.8 MJ/kg
 Steam Output 3 x 63 t/h
 Steam Temperature 400 °C
 Steam Pressure 40 bar
 Gross Electric Output 2 x 25 MW
 Feed Water Temperature 130 °C

The Vølund Grate

The Babcock & Wilcox Vølund air-cooled grate is a longitudinal beam grate– a thoroughly proven design, highly suitable for continuous high-efficiency combustion of mixed household and bulk industrial waste with minimal emission of harmful substances and maximum energy recovery.

The beam grate is of a robust design, specifically developed for heavy-duty and high-temperature operation with a high availability and operational reliability thus ensuring minimal shutdown for routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • Minimum emission of harmful substances and maximum energy recovery.
  • High availability and operational reliability with minimal downtime.
  • Perfect air distribution and minimal power consumption.
  • Combustion of all types of waste.
  • High thermal efficiency.
  • Handling of unsorted waste.
  • Low total organic carbon in ash content.
  • Possibility of biomass co-firing.

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