Live-Loaded Feed Tube Packing Gland

Excessive steam and condensate leakage in sootblower feed tubes can lead to high operating and maintenance costs. We developed a solution to maintain constant concentric packing load to assure a tight seal at all times. A wave spring provides immediate response to dynamic conditions during the entire operating cycle, even compensating for packing wear.

Our live-loaded packing design provides concentric loading without requiring torque setting of gland nuts and springs. The corrosion-resistant, solid-ring graphite foil packing is offered for the live-loaded gland to provide superior service. It is a flexible, all-graphite ribbon foil packing containing corrosion inhibitors, with no resin binders or organic fillers. It features high-density, conical ring-style packing, preformed to dimensions and configuration with interlocking construction for maximum strength.

• Prolongs packing life
• Factory pre-loaded canister eliminates need to torque-set packing nuts and springs.
• Design allows easy monitoring of packing wear and need for repacking BEFORE LEAKAGE OCCURS
• Does not require additional clearance between rear of carriage and rear bulkhead