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The Generator Newsletter by Babcock & Wilcox November 2020

Inconel Cladding for WTE Boilers

A variety of solutions have been developed and used over the years to address lower furnace corrosion in waste-to-energy boilers. One solution growing in popularity is Inconel® weld overlay. Its corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, metallurgical bond to the base tube and membrane bar metals, and wear resistance have made Inconel overlay the primary approach for lower furnace corrosion protection in new designs.

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Bottom Ash System Slated for Refurbishment

Looking to maintain efficiency, a North American power plant awarded B&W Thermal a project to perform boiler maintenance and refurbish its bottom ash system. The contract is valued at more than US$7 million and was awarded to B&W’s subsidiary, Babcock & Wilcox Construction Co., LLC (BWCC).

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3Q Financial Results

Loss recovery settlement, cost-saving initiatives and international expansion contribute to improved quarter results and helped offset impacts from COVID-19. The company reported revenues of US$132.5 million, and bookings increased 106% compared to third quarter last year.

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Helping Refineries Thrive

Known for their expertise and commitment to safety, our field engineers offer refineries services that go beyond the boiler to include pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping, distillation towers and more. Whether it’s inspections, troubleshooting, emissions reduction, equipment replacement or repair, we help refineries thrive.

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WTE Upgrade Project Awarded to B&W Renewable

B&W Renewable has been awarded a contract to provide upgrades to Shetland Islands Council’s energy recovery plant in Lerwick, Scotland, to reduce emissions and increase efficiency. Under the contract, which is valued at more than US$3 million, B&W will design, supply and install new, patented water-cooled wear zones, a secondary air system, waste feed hopper and associated equipment, and provide a control system upgrade.
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Did you know?

In 1932, B&W was contracted to build the water pipe, or penstock system, for the Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA. Due to their immense size, the penstocks could not be shipped by rail, so B&W built a fabricating plant near the dam site which housed some of the largest machines ever in use at the time. Upon the dam’s completion, it was often called the “eighth wonder of the world.”