Ignitor Troubleshooting Guide

If the ignitor SunSpot module is not OK...

Check ignitor SunSpot module front plate. With ignitor off, the only light indication should be the power light.

  • No power indication - check fuse and power source
  • Ionization indication - indicates bad module or short:
  1. Switch modules with a good module to see if light indication moves with module. If indication moves with module - replace module.

  2. If light indication does not move, this indicates a short. In the following manner, determine the location of short or faulty component (constantly checking module indication):

    - Remove flame rod assembly from ignitor. Check and clean tip.
    - Remove flame rod tip - replace.
    - Remove high-temperature extension - replace.
    - Check wire terminator connection - replace.
    - Check flex conduit wiring/connection - replace.

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