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Submerged Chain Conveyors

Whatever your type of firing and fuel, B&W Loibl has a field-tested wet deslagging or wet deashing solution.

Coal-fired power plants:
Many wet deashers with round steel chains as tensile elements and pocket wheels as drives are in operation. Wear part protection in carriers, running tracks and hoppers -- and application-relevant arrangement of round steel chain -- play a critical role when considering deasher transport time. Track-proven guide wheels with inductively hardened running surfaces and specially sealed bearings, whether under or above water, contribute to optimum running performance.

The addition of fully automatic chain tensioning systems and load sensing drives ensures low maintenance.

Waste-fueled power plants:

Plate conveyor wet deslaggers in revolving cylindrical furnaces provide the best solution to maintain availability and service life. Massive external constructed plate bands with continuous axles and forged fork sprocket chains have been designed for rugged operational conditions, with many successful installations over the past 20 years.

Trough widths of more than 13 ft. (4000 mm) and 131 ft. (40 m) distance between axles are possible. The sliding movement of the fork sprocket chains on the hardened manganese steel rails guarantees safe operations and accurate service life prognosis. 

Biomass power plants:
Plate conveyor wet deaslagging systems have also been field-tested in this sector. The drag chain conveyor cannot match the plate conveyor wet deslagging system when it comes to foreign bodies in fuel, especially in waste wood.

B&W Loibl Submerged Chain Conveyor


  • Plate band widths up to 13.8 ft. (4200 mm) as standard
  • Distance between axles up to 230 ft. (70 m)
  • Highest material quality in all components which undergo mechanical stress
  • Falling lumps of slag or heavy foreign bodies cannot effect the high static and dynamic stress resilience of the plate bands


  • Long service life of all wear parts and components subject to high mechanical stress
  • High level of availability due to simple design
  • High level of drying ash and slag

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