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Based on the Archemidean screw principle, the B&W Loibl screw conveyor can transport various bulk materials with various characteristics, or it can be used for other process technologies.

The transport, or process technology, is carried out in a housing that contains a revolving winged worm gear shaft as a full-blade screw, paddle screw, spiral or with a specific arrangement in steady, progressive or conical configuration as right or left hand, counter directional single, or multi-thread.

The shaft outlets on the worm gear shaft, on the end plates, can have sealing collars, packing glands or special shaft seals. The bearings are located externally. Taking into account material characteristics, B&W Loibl can install center bearings divided between rolling and sliding bearings.

Depending on task and material characteristics, hollow screws, pipe screws, plug screws, and feed screws can be used as well as vertical, discharge, and multiple screw conveyors.

The worm screw housing is equipped with flaps for inspection, maintenance and cleaning. The drive is implemented by a gear motor in a '-shaft mounted form' or as a spur gear motor with flexible couplings or, alternatively, by a chain drive with protective casing.

A sensor controls the worm shaft revolution speed.

B&W Loibl Screw Conveyor


  • Gradient: 0°- 90°
  • Housing enables dust- and odor-free; pressure-, gas- and water tight and rain-proof application
  • Constructed from standard steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, plastics, or special materials
  • Build-up welds, Stoneware or basalt coating


  • Compact and robust design
  • Suitable for dusty, small grain, free flowing or agglomerating products
  • Various simultaneous transports is possible
  • Reverse mode is possible

    Versatility in function and applications such as: 

  • Cooling, heating, dampening, mixing, fracturing, plugging, washing, dehydrating
  • External shaft bearings reduce wear
  • Free selection of inlet and outlet points
  • Suitable for discharge
  • Suitable for hot materials
  • Suitable for dosing operations
  • Revolution speed controlled via optional frequency converter
  • Suitable for application in the food industry
  • EiSingle and multiple shafts side by side is possible
  • ATEX compliant design is possible
  • Long service life through optional wear protection measures
  • Low operating costs due to low maintenance requirements
  • Closed design for safe operation
  • Modular construction
  • Environmentally friendly operation (i.e. dust emission avoidance)



Construction material

Steel / metal




Ash, coal, slag, lime, gypsum, biomass, RFP material

Gypsum, lime, sand, minerals

Ore, furnace ash, coal, slag, concentrate, mixtures

Powder, granulate, minerals, mixtures

Sugar, salt, grain, oil seeds

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