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Chain Conveyors

A chain conveyor (also known as a scraper chain conveyor) is a closed system conveyance with a rectangular housing cross section. Material conveyance is performed through an internal continuous single or a multiple chain conveyor that can be ordered in various shapes, design or material, depending on the different material characteristics and conveyor arrangement.

B&W Loibl chain conveyors can be arranged horizontally or vertically and can convey in the upper or lower run, depending on requirements. In addition to normal transport tasks, a chain conveyor is well suited as a discharge conveyor or a distributing conveyor with several outlets.

A robust sheet metal housing, equipped with maintenance or cleaning flaps, can be supplied with wear chain rails, stoneware coating, wear materials, plastic coating, or build up welding.

The drive is implemented using a drive motor in a ''shaft mounted design'' or as a spur gear motor with flexible couplings and, if desired, via a chain drive with protective casing.

Voltage depends on the chain conveyor type that is selected.

B&W Loibl Chain Conveyor


  • Robust construction
  • Pitch angle of 0° - 90° (L and Z arrangements)
  • Circulatory conveyance O-shaped, vertically possible
  • Casings ensure dust-free, pressure, gas and water tight, odor-free implementation, and rain, oil, and shock proof
  • Explosion-proof implementation compliant with ATEX EU guidelines
  • Self-carrying housing
  • Materials can be standard steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, or other special materials
  • Build up welds, stoneware filling or coating (Basalt) also possible
  • Suitable for hot materials
  • Cooling and heating functions
  • Single and multi-line chains can be used depending on tensile load
  • Round link chains, bushed conveyor chains, forged fork link chains are all usable
  • Scrapers available in wear-proof materials and plastics
  • Sprockets with exchangeable cog segments or collars
  • Speed is adjustable via optional frequency converter


  • Compact, space saving, robust and enclosed design
  • Modular building block system
  • Suitable for dusty, fine grained, free flowing to light agglomerating products
  • Reverse mode option
  • Variable arrangements
  • External shaft bearings reduce wear
  • Freely selectable amount of inlet and outlet points
  • Suitable for bunker discharge
  • Suitable for dosing operation
  • Suitable for rough conditions
  • Durable due to selectable wear prevention measures
  • Low running costs due to basic maintenance and low maintenance necessity
  • Accident secure operation due to enclosed design
  • Environmentally friendly operation for emissions reduction
  • High operational safety



Construction material

Steel / Metal

Chemical industry

Salt & Sugar

Sewage treatment


Ashes, coal, slags, biomass, refuse-derived fuel (RDF) material sludges

Limestone, gypsum, fly ash, minerals

Ore, furnace slag, coal, slag, concentrate, mixtures

Metal chips

Powder, granulate, minerals, mixtures

Salt, grain, oil seeds, mill projects


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