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Bucket Conveyors

The B&W Loibl bucket conveyor is used for vertical and, in certain cases, slightly sloped continuous transport for a variety of bulk materials. It is particularly suitable for transporting very bulky materials with high flow volume at considerable transport height.
Material characteristics, the specific application and transport capacity, will determine the drive mechanism, the buckets and the distance between them in their design. 

B&W Loibl delivers belt bucket conveyors with EP belts and steel cable belts as well as chain bucket conveyors with single- or multi-line chains, normal and one-rope chain bucket conveyors, and as central chain bucket conveyors. The outlet, located at the end of the bottom station, is equipped with a clamping device. Material emptying occurs at the upper drive head station and, depending on the material’s characteristics and transport capacity, emptying occurs either by gravity or centrifugal force.

B&W Loibl bucket conveyors have large maintenance flaps in the vertical shaft and include all the necessary monitoring and control equipment for safe operation.

B&W Loibl Bucket Conveyor


  • Material for housing: standard / stainless steel or rubber
  • Material for buckets: standard/ stainless steel, plastic, rubber, wear resistant material
  • Suitable for hot material transport
  • Canvas and steel cable belts based
  • Belt qualities are anti-static, abrasive resilient, pitch, oil and grease/heat
  • Flame resistant, self-extinguishing
  • Housing design: dust- and rain-proof, gas- and pressure-tight
  • Design suitable for food industry
  • Suitable for operation with abrasive products
  • Suitable for operation in explosion zones


  • Modular building block system
  • Space-saving design
  • Long service-life
  • High transport capacity
  • Considerable transport height capacity
  • Designed according to ATEX directives
  • Designed according to anti-explosion regulations
  • Low noise operation of driving device
  • Excellent reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly



Construction material

Steel / metal


Mining/open cast mining

Raw material processing





Potash, salt and soda works

Gravel and stone works

Fertilizer plants

Harbor and unloading terminals

Biomass, coal, replacement fuels, ash, limestone

Gypsum, lime, sand, stones, minerals

Ore, furnace slag, coal, slag, concentrate, mixtures

Pulver, granulate, minerals, mixtures

Ores, soil, sand, minerals, mixtures

Sand conditioning

All free flowing bulk materials

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