Templeborough Waste Wood-Fired Plant
Rotherham, South Yorkshire

The developer Bright Partnerships secured the site and planning consent to develop the biomass facility. Following thorough market research Babcock & Wilcox Vølund working with Interserve were awarded an EPC/turnkey contract for the Templeborough facility in Rotherham. To further de-risk the project for the plant owner, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, who provided equity and debt finance for the scheme and purchased the project at financial close, B&W Vølund entered a 15-year contract to provide full operations and maintenance services. 

The new biomass plant will be capable of processing waste wood, including contaminated wood and fuel containing metals, with no pre-treatment required. The Templeborough plant will generate 40 MW of green electricity, which is enough to supply 78,000 homes, and provide local employment opportunities throughout the construction and operational phases.

 Plant Design Data
 Process Parameters Values*   Units
 Waste Capacity 32.9 t/h
 Heat Value 13.7 MJ/kg
 Steam Output 158 t/h
 Steam Temperature 500 ºC
 Steam Pressure 80 bar
 Boiler Outlet Flue Gas Temp. 135 ºC
 Feed Water Temperature 150 ºC
* All values refer to 11% O2 dry gas

Operation and Maintenance:

The advantages of having the original equipment manufacturer operating and maintaining the plant are numerous. Some of them are:

  • Plant performance will be optimised from day one.
  • Operation and maintenance costs are minimised.
  • Maintenance of the plant can be optimised in terms of scheduling.

In addition, B&W Vølund have significant experience of undertaking service and upgrade projects and the warranties and guarantees have much greater value.

UK-focused O&M structure

B&W Vølund have signed three 15-year O&M contracts in the UK, including one for the Templeborough plant in Rotherham. All of these plants and future UK plants will benefit from B&W Vølund having a UK-focused structure in place with the added benefits of prompt servicing and provision of spares.

Templeborough Rotherham, South Yorkshire

The Solution:

The key reason why B&W Vølund have been selected is based on B&W Vølund’s solution-based approach which entails de-risking the project for the plant owner. The key features of the solution are:

  • EPC solution
  • UK construction partner
  • Technology
  • Funding support
  • Construction programme
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M)

All of the above features significantly de-risk the project for the project developers and the plant owner.

The Technology:

B&W Vølund’s technology concept is based on in-house knowledge and many years of experience and provides high efficiency, availability and performance combined with a robust design to give an extended design life.

B&W Vølund’s solution is based on the patented DynaGrate® technology, providing excellent fuel flexibility. The key benefits for the plant owner are:

  • Many good references
  • Few fuel constraints
  • Improved and simplified fuel handling
  • Fly ash disposal costs significantly reduced
  • Full recovery of ferrous metal from bottom ash

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