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Trusted for experience. Preferred for performance.

B&W Loibl knows how to react to its customer's dynamic demands quickly, effectively and solution driven. That's how we've made our name in retrofitting, modernization and improving performance of existing plants or plant parts.


For a number of years, our strength has been to match new market standards to our conveyance systems. B&W Loibl has mastered the complexity of integrating new technologies into existing plants.


High performance engineering, flexible in-house production and a strong service team are the cornerstones of our success.

B&W Loibl aftermarket sales


Using our experienced engineering staff, we offer qualified consultancy services worldwide to deal with any questions about mechanical bulk material transport.

We provide recommendations for efficient operation and optimization of equipment and plants to increase availability and reduce energy, spare parts inventory and personnel costs.

Our expert advice can help you create a more accurate budget plan, and our optimized spare parts consultations can ensure maximum availability.

Spare Parts

Original spare and wear parts are always optimized for special operational purposes. They allow the highest level of service life and availability.

We offer long-term security for parts supply.

We are constantly developing and improving spare and wear parts and guarantee replacements. We deliver replacement components as they are needed, and can also establish agreements that ensure your organization always has spare and wear parts on hand.

Maintenance & Inspection

Proactive inspection and regular maintenance contribute to the highest level of operating safety at your facility.

Our experienced chief erectors, assembly technicians and engineers are always available to assist your organization to meet your bulk material handling maintenance and inspection obligations.

From emergency responses, inspections, downtime maintenance to long-term maintenance contracts, we can meet your specific needs.

We also provide safety checks, complete documentation, optimized adjustments as well as customer-specific maintenance concepts.


If your organization is considering retrofitting and modernization, B&W Loibl can resolve your bulk material handling needs.

Our engineers will design an efficient solution to meet your retrofit and modernization measures, leading to better performance and taking changing circumstances into account.

Our goal is to find the best, most cost-effective solution for our customers.


B&W Loibl can train your management, technical directors, maintenance crews, and service personnel to optimize plant performance.

We place a great deal of emphasis on operational safety by performing regular inspections, and support our customers with protective maintenance strategies.

We can instruct your personnel about plant functions and dependencies through customized training documentation, videos or presentations. We will also keep you informed about effective part management and obtaining possible service measures externally through a framework agreement.

24 Hour Emergency Service

For emergency service for B&W Loibl, please call 09421/9256-99

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