Conveying Systems for Power Generation

Power Generation Material Handling

Fuel Handling & Logistics

B&W Loibl fuel handling and logistics

The reliable, safe and uninterrupted supply of individual fuel for boilers is the heart of every power plant.

B&W Loibl’s fuel handling capabilities begin with the unloading station of fuel for trucks, trains, ships, and cranes followed by material treatment and conveying technology.

We place special consideration on explosion and fire protection, dedusting, separation of ferro parts and non-ferro parts, sampling stations, crushers, scales and other equipment requirements to satisfy your needs. Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) directives and noise restriction regulations are also followed.

B&W Loibl is experienced in safely and efficiently handling coal, biomass and waste, and its varying composition, as fuel.

Our delivery program includes (upon request):

  • Conveyor bridges
  • Transfer towers
  • Platforms and accesses
  • Steel construction



Bottom Ash Removal Systems

B&W Loibl bottom ash removal

For coal power stations, B&W Loibl plans, engineers, manufactures and supplies heavy submerged chain conveyors for the discharging of bottom ash under the boiler. Our double strand chain system consists of special round link or forged fork link chains with heavy scrapers. Horizontal or steep angle chain conveyors and belt conveyor systems are used to transport the bottom ash over long distances.

For truck loading, we provide silos with discharge rotor arms, special slide gates and telescopic chutes. Crusher and chutes can be supplied to complement bottom ash handling.

Whatever confined space or challenging building conditions may exist, our customized submerged conveyors can be designed to meet your needs.

Our delivery program includes (upon request):

  • Conveyor bridges
  • Transfer towers
  • Platforms and accesses
  • Steel construction


Limestone & Gypsum Transport & Storage

B&W Loibl gypsum handling solutions

B&W Loibl provides mechanical or pneumatic conveying and handling systems from the arrival location to the destination point. Our systems are suitable for:

  • Granulated limestone
  • Limestone powder
  • Coke
  • Other dry sorbents used in flue gas cleaning plants

We supply conveying systems and equipment (such as portal reclaimers for discharging flat storages) for the interim storage of FGD wet gypsum.

Our enclosed belt and traditional belt conveyors are used to transport materials to loading terminals, shiploaders, and truck or train stations.

B&W Loibl’s proven solutions include:

  • Closed pipe conveyors, which can convey volumes of 3000 m³/h
  • Closed, flexible conveyor systems, which can handle curved paths and can convey up to 500m³/h of wet and sticky FGD gypsum.

Our delivery program includes (upon request):

  • Silos
  • Loading and discharge systems
  • Shiploaders
  • Telscopic chutes
  • Complete steel constructions
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning


Bed Material & Sand Systems

B&W Loibl bed material

In fluidized-bed combustion applications, B&W Loibl can provide engineered solutions for the removal of hot bed material (sand or limestone), including screws, conveyors, bucket elevators and components.

Construction materials used in all of our systems are matched to the specific requirements and specifications to provide low maintenance and years of service life.

Our delivery program includes (upon request):

  • Screens
  • Magnetic separators
  • Silos and silo discharge equipment
  • Truck loading equipment


Ship Loading & Unloading Systems

Conveyors for loading and unloading ships

B&W Loibl designs and delivers hopper cars with specialized discharge devices for bulk materials that arrive or leave the plant by ship.

Utilizing our extensive expertise in providing ship loading systems, we can supply solutions for material shipments loaded from a harbor, quay or on the quay wall. Mobile (jetty) or stationary belt conveyors in the harbor area can be designed to handle material discharged directly into the cargo area of a waiting ship or with height-adjustable loading chutes.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, and select and develop a ship loading system based on their specific material requirements and environmental considerations. We design to accommodate a range that is suitable for improvised quays, where a relatively broad stretch of water between ship and quay may need to be bridged.

Our delivery program includes (upon request):

  • Magnetic separators
  • Telescopic chutes
  • Filter systems (dust & suppression system)


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