Titanium® Boiler Cleaning Controls and Intelligent Sootblowing

Titanium® Boiler Cleaning Controls and Intelligent Sootblowing

Titanium Intelligent Sootblowing (ISB) Systems 

Titanium intelligent sootblowing (ISB) systems combine the legacy Powerclean® and goal-based ISB systems into a powerful performance-driven system which is flexible and easy to use.

Titanium Sootblowing Control Systems  

Titanium® sootblowing control systems from B&W upgrade the proven performance and reliability of the Diamond Power® SentrySeries® sootblowing control systems into a modern platform.

No matter which option you choose, all our Titanium control and ISB system options can easily upgrade or replace your existing sootblowing system and can be installed on B&W and non-B&W boilers, regardless of the original sootblower manufacturer.

Titanium systems provide robust and reliable boiler cleaning control which is:

  • Flexible – Our systems are installed in hundreds of boilers. The complete range of Titanium offerings provides options that are best suited for your specific application.
  • Expandable – Titanium control and ISB systems are modular. Future enhancements and additional functions can be easily added as your control needs change.
  • Fully supported – Titanium control hardware and software are backed by B&W’s team of controls and electrical experts as well as experts in sootblowing and boiler operation, proven by more than 150 years in the industry.


Titanium Product



Titanium Sootblower Controls

  • Controls up to 300 sootblowers, including water cleaning devices
  • Includes historian for baseline data and trending
  • Customizable configurations and operator displays
  • Programmable for up to 70 sequences

Titanium Intelligent Sootblowing

  • For optimum control and boiler performance
  • Monitoring of heat transfer sensors for estimation of thermal transient-induced furnace wall tube crack growth
  • Cleaning based on real-time, unit-specific boiler performance model and/or operational parameters
  • Dynamic queueing of individual blowers based on
  • calculated effectiveness
  • Custom calculations available for control or data gathering
  • Potential for heat rate and unit efficiency improvements
  • Reduced tube erosion
  • Improved temperature and spray control
  • Integrates with B&W’s combustion optimizer

Sootblower Controls for Recovery Boilers

  • Specialized option for pulp and paper recovery boilers
  • Same as sootblower controls (above)
  • Includes variable header control for manual or intelligent modification of sootblowing flow and/or pressure

Project / Case Feature Item

Read about our successful implementation of the Titanium intelligent sootblowing system at a power plant in West Virginia.