Flue Gas Cleaning

Flue gas cleaning systems reduce atmospheric emissions of substances that are hazardous to the environment and health, including heavy metals, dioxins and substances that cause acidification and eutrophication.

We offer both subsystems and fully assembled installations for cleaning flue gases generated by the incineration of hazardous municipal and industrial waste and the combustion of biofuels. Whether designed for new or existing equipment, our wet and dry flue gas cleaning systems are customized to meet customers' specific requirements and comply with current and anticipated regulatory directives.

Flue gas cleaning systems are often integrated with flue gas condensation for energy recovery in multi-stage scrubber systems.

We provide the following, separately or in combination:

  • Dry and semi-dry flue gas cleaning
  • Wet flue gas cleaning
  • Water treatment in conjunction with wet flue gas cleaning
  • Energy recovery with flue gas condensation
  • Catalytic NOx reduction using SCR technology 

We offer unique and specialized technologies to achieve flue gas cleaning goals:

  • ADIOX® – dioxin removal using carbon-doped plastics in scrubbers and absorbers
  • MERCOX™ – oxidation and removal of mercury in wet scrubbers
  • CUTNOX® – reduction of NOx formation in grate furnace systems using air-water jets
  • Multi-stage scrubbers – compact, multi-functional units with small footprints
  • Sulfur recirculation – reduction of high-temperature corrosion by returning sulfur to the furnace
  • Wet electrostatic precipitators – separation of dust and particulates in a wet scrubber 

NextBAT® ̶ from crane to stack

We have helped to develop a concept for turnkey NextBAT® installations that offers exceptionally low emissions and will meet the requirements of the coming waste incineration BREF.

Proven & Preferred

  • More than 40 incineration lines in operation feature our flue gas cleaning systems

  • More than 100 incineration lines are installed with our ADIOX dioxin removal technology

Flue gas cleaning

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