Short Term Energy Storage

Eos Clean Energy Storage Systems

Eos Clean Energy Storage Systems

A safe, scalable, efficient and sustainable alternative to lithium ion

B&W has partnered with Eos Energy Enterprises (Eos) to deploy the next generation of energy storage solutions. We share Eos’ commitment to bring reliable, competitive, sustainable and safe clean energy to a wide range of industries and applications.

This proven, safe and flexible energy storage solution diversifies the product offerings of the B&W Renewable segment and strengthens our leadership role as a trusted supplier of energy and environmental solutions.

Eos Clean Energy Storage Systems

Flexible Storage Solutions

The Eos energy storage systems use proven chemistry with accessible components in a durable design that’s been tested for more than a decade. It is a reliable alternative to lithium-ion battery technology.

With a 3- to 12-hour range of discharge capability, immediate response time, and modular construction, the Eos storage system can be scaled and configured to reduce total cost of ownership and maximize profitability in a wide range of industrial, utility and commercial applications.

It can withstand extreme temperature and other environmental conditions, provides complete depth of discharge, and can be easily integrated into existing power infrastructure.

Znyth® Zinc Battery Technology

The heart of the Eos energy storage system is the unique Znyth® (pronounced zenith) zinc hybrid cathode technology which results in a safe, non-flammable and non-corrosive battery. The Znyth technology utilizes inexpensive, widely available materials within a robust, scalable design to achieve long life and extremely low cost.


Industrial and Commercial

The Eos clean energy storage system provides high-energy users such as industrial plants and large commercial facilities with both economic and reliability benefits. Energy storage can be utilized as backup power or to manage energy usage by displacing peak hour consumption.

Power Utilities

With storage, utilities can rely on a cleaner, more efficient energy mix while deferring costly infrastructure upgrades. Storing inexpensive electricity produced at night for use during peak hours of the day allows utilities to displace more expensive, peaking generation sources, reducing costs and emissions. In addition, long-duration energy storage can provide clean, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy generation capacity in load centers where it’s needed most.


Energy storage can optimize and extend the integration of intermittent renewable power supplies such as solar and wind. It can also be utilized as part of renewable-powered microgrids to bring clean energy to remote locations with limited transmission and distribution infrastructure.

System Options

Multiple configurations to meet various application requirements

Energy Block

Outdoor configurations up to 10 MW

Indoor Energy Block

Configurations for large commercial applications

Power House

Installations for applications of 10 MW or more with minimal footprint

Technology Features and Benefits

Delivering a Reduction in Overall Levelized Cost of Storage

  • Safe – non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive technology is a reliable alternative to lithium-ion battery technology
  • Scalable – containerized and stackable for flexibility and future expansion requirements; plug-and-play construction for fast and lower onsite assembly costs; multiple configurations to meet various application requirements
  • Efficient – up to 80% efficiency in 100% depth of discharge applications; low parasitic load and flexible charge and discharge rates
  • Sustainable – designed to last up to 6,000 cycles for an estimated 20-year life; fully recyclable components in standard facilities
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