Clean Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage

B&W’s commitment to bringing reliable, competitive, sustainable and safe clean energy to a wide range of industries and applications is demonstrated by our research and technology development of the next generation of energy storage solutions.

Short-Term Energy Storage

B&W has partnered with Eos Energy Enterprises (Eos) to provide a proven, safe and flexible energy storage solution that uses proven chemistry with accessible components in a durable design that’s been commercially tested. It’s scalable for a range of applications including industrial, commercial and utility installations.

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Long-Term Energy Storage

Our proven and established circulating, bubbling and pressurized fluid-bed boiler heat exchanger technologies are the cornerstones for advancing the development of this long-term thermal energy storage solution. Research advancements in this area are critical to allow power producers to store solar or wind energy for the continuous generation of reliable, grid-scale power.

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