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Vattenfall AB

Panel Walls and Economizer Replacement Uppsala Sweden

Panel Walls and Economizer Replacement - Uppsala, Sweden

Panel Walls and Economizer Replacement - Uppsala, SwedenPanel Walls and Economizer Replacement - Uppsala, SwedenClient: Vattenfall AB

Year: 2015-2016


  • Contract: 18-03-2015
  • Manufacturing: 18-05-2015
  • Installation: 28-07-2015
  • Hand over: 14-08-2015


  • Fuel: Waste
  • Steam temperature: 201 oC
  • Steam pressure: 16 bar

Project description

The delivery includes project management, engineering, procurement, manufacturing and replacement of an economizer for a waste-to-energy boiler (Line 1) in Uppsala, Sweden. Also included in the project was to replace panel walls including cladding with Inconel® 625 on site.

  • The following was included in the scope:
  • Left and right sidewall for 2nd pass
  • Roof for 2nd pass
  • Rear wall for 2nd pass
  • Economizer
  • Connection tubes
  • Inconel cladding

During 2015 the panel walls and economizer were replaced. The econimizer was delivered in 26 sections. A temporary steel structure was built and placed next to the crane for pre-assembly of the economizer sections.

In addition to the economizer replacement, approximately 150 m2 of Inconel-cladded panel walls and screen tubes were installed in the 3rd pass. All panels were lowered through the roof of the boiler house.

Panel Walls and Economizer Replacement - Uppsala, Sweden2015 project milestones

  • Early July: established scaffolding outside boiler and dismantled insulation sheeting
  • July 20 to August: shut down boiler, established scaffolding inside boiler, dismantled panel walls and existing economizer, installed new panel
    walls and economizer, pressure tested and cladded Inconel to site welds
  • Mid-August: completed installation

2016 project milestones

  • Mid-July: shut down boiler
  • Mid July to beginning of August: established scaffolding inside boiler and panel walls were prepared for cladding by sandblasting
  • Beginning of August to mid-August: cladded Inconel, performed by semi-automatic robots on vertical panel walls and manually on horizontal walls and places unsuited for robots. Total area cladded on site was approximately 125 m2.
Panel Walls and Economizer Replacement - Uppsala, Sweden

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