Babcock & Wilcox 

The Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W) is committed to the health and safety of our employees and their families, as well as our customers, vendors and other stakeholders, and the communities where we have operations.

We understand our customers’ need to minimize further disturbances in their operations during these challenging times. B&W continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and is implementing the steps below as we work to provide our customers with the service and support needed to ensure reliable operation of their plants.

We are following recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and state and local government officials as we formulate decisions in this very dynamic situation. We have adopted the following measures across our organization to reduce risk and help ensure business continuity:

• Limiting travel both domestically and internationally

• Implementing self-isolation measures for international travelers

• Limiting visitors to our offices, shops and service centers

• Educating employees on the symptoms and prevention measures associated with the COVID-19 virus

• Mandating video and teleconference meetings, where possible

• Eliminating large employee events and meetings

• Evaluating and implementing telework and split shift work arrangements as needed across our worldwide sites

• Implementing procedures for reporting and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19

• Maintaining contact with suppliers

As this situation continues to evolve, B&W will update internal procedures and processes accordingly.

While we recognize that employees may be directly impacted by COVID-19, we have implemented recognized best practices to reduce those risks within our employee population. However, should B&W’s employee population at any of our locations incur a major impact from COVID-19, B&W has a robust IT infrastructure in place that will allow us to implement an existing contingency plan for employees to work from home as may be necessary to maintain business continuity at required levels.