Plant & Technical Service Bulletins

Babcock & Wilcox Bulletins

B&W plant and technical service bulletins provide important maintenance, inspection and safety information and recommendations for plant components such as:

  • Boilers
  • Pulverizers
  • Environmental equipment
  • Other power plant auxiliary equipment

Plant Service Bulletins

 Graphitization of Carbon-Molybdenum Steels (PSB-59)

 Care, Management and Maintenance of Older Boilers (PSB-58)

 B&W Roll Wheel® Pulverizer Maintenance (PSB-57)

 E and EL Pulverizer Bottom Ring Assembly (PSB-56)

 Corrosion-Fatigue Failures of Riser Tube Bends (PSB-55)

 Feedwater Pipe Thinning and Rupture (PSB-54)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Oil (PSB-53)

 Master Hand Hole Plug Welding Recommendations (PSB-52)

 Lower Convection Pass Casing Enclosure and Economizer Hoppers (PSB-51)

 Convection Pass Lower Header Closure Plate Cracking (PSB-50)

 Steam-Cooled Spacer Tube Related Cracking of Secondary Superheater Outlet Headers (PSB-49)

 Pulverizer Roll Wheel Silicone O-Rings and the Use of Synthetic Oils (PSB-48)

 Feedwater Pipe Thinning (PSB-47)

 Square Lower Sidewall Headers in Stoker Units (PSB-46)

 E and EL Pulverizer Springs (PSB-45)

 Chemical Cleaning Guide (PSB-44)

 Refractories, Plastics, Insulation or Textiles Containing Chromium Compounds (PSB-43)

 Spiral Bevel Gear Bolts Roll Wheel Pulverizer - Gearbox (PSB-42)

 UP Boiler Mix Stud Plate Cracking (PSB-41)

 Drain Stub Bore Hole Cracking (PSB-40)

 E/EL Pulverizer Bottom Ring Lifting Clamp (PSB-39)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Loading Rods/Cables (PSB-38)

 Reheaters: Out-of-Service Corrosion (PSB-37)

 Economizer Hoppers (PSB-36)

 Flashtanks (PSB-35)

 Once-through Boiler Bypass Stop Valves (B&W 200) (PSB-34)

 Burners (PSB-33)

 Oil Lighters (Steam/Air Atomized) (PSB-32)

 Mechanical Oil Lighters (PSB-31)

 High Energy Ignitor System and Lighter Controls (PSB-30)

 Stress-Assisted Corrosion: Boiler Waterside (PSB-29)

 Membraned Wall Corner Tube Failures (PSB-28)

 UP Boiler Downcomer Strainers (PSB-27)

 Tube Thickness Evaluation Repair or Replacement Guideline (PSB-26)

 Boiler Water Phosphate Chemistry (PSB-25)

 Spray Attemperators for Industrial Boilers (PSB-24)

 Welded Plate Elbows in High Temperature Applications (PSB-23)

 Economizer Inlet Header Cracking (PSB-22)

 UP Boiler Furnace Protection (PSB-20)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Shaft Retainer Bolt (PSB-19)

 Ligament Cracking of 2-1/4Cr-1Mo (SA-335 P22) (PSB-18)

 Threaded Connections on High Temperature Applications (PSB-17)

 Pulverized Fuel System Fires (PSB-16)

 Spray Attemperators (PSB-15)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Low-Speed Shaft Cover (PSB-13)

 Subcooling in Cycling Boilers (PSB-12)

 Rothemuhle Air Heater Sootblower Spherical Swivel Joints (PSB-11)

 Pulverized Fuel System Fires (PSB-10)

 Rothemühle Air Heater Core Door (PSB-9)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer - Viking Lube Oil Pumps (PSB-8)

 Thermal Quenching of Hopper Tubes (PSB-7)

 ITT Grinnell Constant Support Hangers (PSB-6)

 Rothemühle Air Heater Collar Seal Shoe Hang-Up (PSB-5)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Assembly O-Ring Sizing (PSB-4)

 Roll Wheel Pulverizer Assembly Pivot Block Orientation (PSB-3)

 Out-of-Service Corrosion Failure of Horizontal Downcomer, Supply and Riser Pressure Part Connections (PSB-2)

 Creep Fatigue and Ligament Cracking of 1-1/4 Cr-1/2 Mo-Si (T11 and P11) Pressure Parts (PSB-1)