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Cooling System Services, Upgrades and Maintenance

Solutions for improved performance, efficiency and reliability

SPIG S.p.A. (B&W SPIG) operates globally supplying an extensive range of turnkey cooling systems. Since 1936, we have designed, engineered, installed, upgraded and serviced cooling systems.

Promptly responding to customers’ requirements, the B&W SPIG service team provides flexible operating solutions to improve performance, efficiency and reliability of existing equipment.

Cooling Tower Maintenance, Overhaul and Upgrade

Effective ongoing maintenance is important for optimal cooling tower performance.

The B&W SPIG service team specializes in providing outstanding maintenance activities, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our technical specialists are experienced in maintenance, overhaul and upgrades, working in accordance with ISO, CTI and other local standard requirements.

Our range of capabilities include basic technical assistance and field service support as well as installation, commissioning and start up, performance testing and optimization, including recommendations for upgrades, energy savings and wet-dry conversions. Onsite operational and maintenance training is also available to help keep your plant running at the highest level of efficiency.

B&W SPIG Cooling tower maintenance, overhaul and upgrade


Product innovation and development is undertaken at B&W SPIG’s state-of-the-art research and test facility located in Italy. At this specialized technology center, a dedicated team of experienced R&D and testing engineers conduct thermal performance research and testing, fill, nozzles and drift eliminators development, eliminators drift testing, and nozzle testing activities aimed to improve product quality and dependability.

The facility is specifically designed to analyze and test cooling towers simulating a wide range of conditions and applications. Examples of technology upgrades developed at our R&D facility include:

  • UNICO online continuous monitoring system
  • EcoJet nozzles for more uniform and efficient water distribution
  • FUTURA splash filling for dirty water distribution
  • H-MOON drift eliminator for low drift operation

Online monitoring

B&W SPIG developed UNICO, a global service online system designed to help improve plant efficiency. This continuous monitoring system analyzes and processes a wide range of parameters and equipment conditions, providing optimized cooling system efficiency, reduction of maintenance costs, and helps to avoid unexpected equipment failure.

B&W SPIG Maintenance
Selected Components for Maintenance/Upgrades

  • Dispersion systems
  • Nozzles
  • Drift eliminators
  • Gear box mechanical equipment
  • Fan mechanical equipment
  • Plume abatement systems
  • Noise attenuation systems
  • De-icing systems

Dry Cooling Service

B&W SPIG’s worldwide team of service technicians and engineers are available to support dry cooling system maintenance, service and upgrade requirements, including the execution of long-term service and maintenance agreements.

Our multi-disciplinary staff has the engineering and technical capabilities to develop tailor made solutions aimed at improving the performance of air-cooled condensers and air fin coolers.

Our capabilities include tube bundle retubing and external cleaning, original replacement parts supply, vibration and noise analyses, tube bundle erection, air-cooled condenser cell extensions, and a wide range of other field engineering and equipment optimization services.
Replacement components and field service

B&W SPIG provides comprehensive after-sales service including training, operational support, maintenance and spare and replacement parts. Our replacement components are available from a worldwide network of service locations on short notice to provide our customers with continuous and safe plant operation.

We provide inspection, testing and component supply of a wide range of equipment, including: fan stack, mechanical group, drift eliminator, spray nozzle and filling.

B&W SPIG Cooling System Services