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Construction Services and Equipment Installation

Babcock & Wilcox Construction Co., LLC (BWCC) is a single-source turnkey supplier of a full range of field construction, construction management and maintenance services.

BWCC has provided decades of unparalleled, professional expertise and service to a host of utility and industrial customers and continues to be a leader in the construction, service and maintenance of the boiler island and associated air quality control equipment for the power generation industry and for a wide range of equipment for industrial applications.

Our extensive experience with large, complex projects and full-scale retrofits gives us the depth of knowledge necessary to safely construct and complete a successful project of any size at any plant site.

B&W Construction Co Inc

Construction Technology

BWCC’s construction technology experts provide safe, robust and innovative-engineered installation solutions in crane arrangements, lift plans and temporary structures.

By taking an engineering approach to all construction projects, we can achieve a safe, cost-effective and efficient project outcome.

The BWCC construction and engineering technology design team provides technical expertise in the preparation of proposals and execution of contracts. Their proven approach reduces costs of field operations, minimizes project time span, constructs a quality product and contributes to a safe work environment. In addition, the team offers technical support to meet customer requirements and future compliance regulations.

Value Added Through Constructability

BWCC’s early involvement in a project’s life cycle results in the maximum opportunity to design for constructability.

Designing for constructability:

  • Yields safer projects: Maximum modularity optimizes work on the ground, minimizing “in the air” assembly and finish work
  • Minimizes costly rework by reducing or eliminating interferences and misfits
  • Potentially shortens schedules by maximizing the amount of time available for activity planning and sequencing, and for incorporating the design into what works best in the field
  • Produces the safest, most cost-effective, and efficiently executed project

Construction Technology

Labor Management

Labor Management

The success, cost, quality and schedule of a project will depend on the availability of qualified labor to perform work.

BWCC is a union contractor and is signator to agreements with national trade organizations. Such affiliation provides ready access to a trained, pre-screened and talented pool of field labor.

Our long and successful history with local, regional and national labor gives BWCC the ability to assess and evaluate how to best staff and manage the labor needs of your project. Our reputation provides credibility in the industry.

BWCC recognizes the complexities and challenges of supplying a work force which brings with it the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to productively perform in the demanding environment of utility and industrial projects. BWCC works with local building trades and international unions on programs such as the Boilermakers' M.O.S.T. (Mobilization Optimization Stabilization and Training Fund) programs. BWCC has taken a proactive relationship with the metal trade crafts to assist in forecasting skill requirements and minimizing labor shortages.

Project agreements, negotiated by BWCC with the craft unions, help create an effective and productive labor relationship. Prior to crafting a project labor agreement, BWCC usually discusses the unique jobsite and labor requirements with the customer.

When a project agreement is needed, some important elements to include are:

  • Right to manage and control work force
  • Maximizing use of sub-journeymen
  • Composite or single craft in staging areas
  • Wages
  • No-strike and assignment provisions

Project Planning & Controls

The ability to successfully control the outcome of a project starts early. One of the most important aspects of a project’s success is thorough planning and continuous monitoring. We have a proven and prescribed methodology of project controls to monitor project progress and status. That ability is supported by numerous tools to facilitate the communication, measurement and interpretation of project data. BWCC nimbly and proactively manages risks and seizes opportunities that reduce overall costs and/or schedule.

We recognize that factors such as cost and schedule must be monitored. We have the infrastructure and tools in place to allow effective decision making throughout the life of the project.

Project Planning

Construction Safety


BWCC is committed to performing every work activity in a safe and accident-free manner.

In order to achieve these goals, BWCC has established systems, methods and controls to safely execute construction work. Our safety program also covers specialized environment and OSHA requirements.

The company has adopted a vision for continuous safety improvement. BWCC strives to perform all work activities on all construction projects free of accidents. Additionally, the company has adopted a working slogan to assist our employees in establishing immediate goals: To Finish Each and Every Day Incident and Injury Free.

Safety highlights

  • Safety is a management priority and a core value for all employees.
  • Safety training goes deep into the organization.
  • An expanded new-hire orientation includes safety training for all direct-hire labor (OSHA 10).
  • Construction superintendents are involved in on-site safety compliance and hazard identification, including:
    • OSHA 30 qualification
    • Daily site walk-through observations
    • Daily Job Safety Analyses (JSAs)
    • Weekly safety meetings
    • Incident and near-miss investigations
  • Safety comprises a large part of the lift reviews for all crane and rigging operations.
  • A new mobile training trailer is used for on-site skills upgrades.
  • BWCC conducts site-specific safety programs for all projects.
  • All BWCC employees are empowered and have the authority to modify and/or stop any unsafe behavior.

Customer benefits

  • A safe project is executed more efficiently saving time and money.
  • You can have confidence that every project will be performed in a safe manner.
  • Positive public relations result from a safely executed project.
  • A safe working environment attracts and retains labor.

Site Supervision

Our supervision and site project support personnel actively share experiences and lessons learned across our full spectrum of products and projects. This collective knowledge results in a continuously improving learning environment.

Our site management teams are staffed by both hourly and salary personnel who are highly experienced and have a long tenure of successful performance on a variety of construction projects. Also, regular formal training and informal knowledge transfer among supervisory teams create an environment of continuous improvement and learning.

BWCC has the familiarity with industry products, processes, standards and information technology systems which leads to improved project efficiencies.

Site Supervision

Start-up & Commissioning

Startup & Commissioning

Startup and commissioning activities of a steam generating or environmental equipment control system will directly influence the ultimate success of an entire project. Proper strategic planning is key to avoiding delays, cost overruns and potential safety hazards.

B&W has a dedicated staff and the resources available to administer its proven startup and commissioning plan for your power plant project. The group is centralized at our headquarter offices to facilitate direct involvement with planning and implementation activities.

B&W is a total package provider of complete power plant and environmental equipment, services and construction. Our dedicated startup and commissioning services are a natural extension that bridge the gap between equipment design, construction and full plant operation

Construction Turnaround Services

Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) is a leading supplier of turnaround and capital project services for customers in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas refining, petrochemical, electric utility, pulp and paper, and other industrial process industries. Through experience, unique execution strategies, complex methodologies and specialty services, we have the depth of knowledge necessary to safely deliver a successful project.

B&W can engineer, manufacture, procure, transport, construct and commission the entire scope of your turnaround project.

Refinery and Petrochemical Turnaround Services