B&W Diamond Power Sootblower

B&W's Diamond Power® Sootblowers

B&W is the original equipment manufacturer of all Diamond Power® boiler cleaning equipment, sootblowers (also known as soot blower), systems and replacement parts. Insist on the original!

Using superheated steam, saturated steam, compressed air or water, our sootblowers are trusted to remove deposits, prevent plugging of gas passes and maintain boiler efficiency. Our specialized designs and configurations meet customer needs for sootblower precision, reliability and efficiency.

B&W's product range and boiler cleaning technology are continuously enhanced via continued research and development along with feedback provided by our customers all around the world. We utilize the most up-to-date CAD systems and modern CNC machinery to achieve cost-effective manufacturing.


Did You Know?

  • Seven out of ten power plants feature B&W’s Diamond Power® sootblowers.
  • B&W has pioneered the technology on load cleaning, developed the world's largest retractable sootblower, with travel up to 18.3 meters, on load water lancing and state-of-the-art intelligent control systems. 
  • B&W provides sootblowing optimization using its Titanium™ intelligent sootblowing system. This system integrates and upgrades B&W's legacy Sentry Series® and PowerClean® systems. The Titanium™ system incorporates B&W's boiler design and modeling expertise to provide critical performance information and surface cleanliness factors for improved sootblowing control.   


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B&W Diamond Power boiler cleaning systems are available in steam/air, high pressure water, and dual-media air heater cleaning configurations. With more than a century of experience in boiler cleaning, you can depend on low maintenance, reliability, versatility and maximum cleaning performance backed by experience.

Diamond Power G9B Sootblower

G9B Fixed Rotating Sootblower

The G9B is designed to remove ash deposits from tube surfaces.           

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IK-525 Long Retractable Sootblower

IK-525 Long Retractable Sootblower

Diamond Power's IK-525 retractable soot blower is the industry standard for online boiler cleaning needs.             

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B&W Diamond Power IK-4M Sootblower

IK-4M Long Retractable Sootblower

The IK-4M conserves on expensive blowing media and reduces cycle cleaning time.  Superior performance for a moderate investment.

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B&W Diamond Power IK-525DM3 Sootblower

IK-525DM3 Dual Media Sootblower

The IK-525DM3 Cleaner contains a traveling multi-nozzle element device designed to blow low pressure air or stream for the primary fluid and high pressure or low pressure water for off-line cleaning.                                     

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IK-525SL Straight-Line Sootblower

IK-525SL Straight-Line Sootblower

The IK-525SL is a retractable cleaner designed for application in which the cleaner inserts and retracts the lance tube without rotation.                                             

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B&W Diamond Power IK-545 Long Retractable Sootblower

IK-525/545EL Extend Lancetube Sootblower

The IK-525/545EL is designed for cleaning the heating surfaces of boilers and is used principally to remove slag and ash deposits from the superheater.

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IK-525DM Sootblower

IK-525DM Dual Media Sootblower

The IK-525DM provides the ability to steam (or air) clean high density air heater baskets while a unit is online and high pressure wash it while the unit is offline.      

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B&W Diamond Power IK-530

IK-530 Long Retractable Sootblower

The IK-530's single rack and pinion design offers an economical alternative for those seeking performance and durability. For boilers up to 22 meters in furnace width.

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B&W Diamond Power IK-545 Long Retractable Sootblower

IK-545 Long Retractable Sootblower

A rugged sootblower for the utility market that is designed for heavy duty cleaning jobs.                                                 

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B&W Diamond IK-555 Sootblower

IK-555MX™ Long Retractable Sootblower

The IK-555 is designed for very large coal-fired utility boilers. Provides maximum cleaning efficiency and reliability for large cleaning jobs up to 60 feet.

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The Patented "Open Beam" IK-600MX ™ architecture results in a maintenance friendly sootblower design for the Pulp & Paper recovery market.   

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B&W Diamond Power IK-9M Sootblower

IK-9M® Retractable Sootblower

The IK-9M retractable sootblower is designed specifically for low maintenance, reliability, versatility and maximum cleaning performance.                    

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B&W Diamond Power IK-AH Sootblower

IK-AH Air Heater Sootblower

The IK-AH air preheater sootblower cleans the heat transfer surface in regenerative air heaters with the medium of steam or air.  

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IK-WL Waterlance

IK-WL Waterlance`

Designed for use on furnace wall surfaces where slag deposits are not removed by steam or air supplied wall sootblowers.

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B&W Diamond Power IK1M Sootblower

IK-1M™ Sootblower

A part-retractable sootblower incorporating a travelling motor drive, transports a carriage along a supporting guide tube. A lance tube, propels an element across the boiler.

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IK-510 Sootblower

IK-510-LR Dual Media Sootblower

Precisely designed nozzle head and rugged sootblower structure guarantees the positive cleaning without damaging the materials of the heat exchanger.                 

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IK-700® retractable sootblower

IK-700® Retractable Sootblower

Designed specifically for low maintenance, reliability, versatility and maximum cleaning performance.

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IK-525 Long Retractable Sootblower

IKSD-E Recovery Boiler Sootblower

This proven, heavy-duty sootblower's construction is suitable for up to 24 operations per day (or more depending on steam conditions), and offers a logical balance between initial cost and lifetime maintenance.

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B&W Diamond Power IR-2H Sootblower

IR-2H™ Furnace Wall Sootblower

A short retractable sootblower designed for a wide range of boiler applications.    

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B&W Diamond Power IR-3D/3Z Furnace Wall Sootblower

IR-3D/3Z Furnace Wall Sootblower

The IR-3D and IR-3Z are short travel, retracting sootblowers, rotating 360 degrees and blowing through predetermined arc controlled by the valve trigger and cam. 

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HydroJet® Water Cleaning System

Provides a closed-loop control system that utilizes sensors and software to provide real-time cleaning solutions that go beyond conventional cleaning.

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HydroJet®-Retractable Furnace Cleaning System

HydroJet® Retractable Furnace Cleaning System

The HydroJet-R cleaning system extends the articulating nozzle into the furnace, vastly improving cleaning area coverage and effectiveness.

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B&W Titanium  ISB Intelligent Heat Transfer Management

Titanium™ Boiler Cleaning Controls and Intelligent Sootblowing

The Titanium™ boiler cleaning control systems from B&W integrate and upgrade B&W’s legacy SentrySeries® advanced sootblower controls and Power Clean® intelligent sootblowing (ISB) systems into a modern platform.