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Heros Boilers

Reliability is standard. Everything else can be customized.

With over 5,000 installed units, B&W's Heros™ water-tube boilers can be found in utilities, mills, refineries, universities, mines and other industrial facilities across the world.

Heros industrial boiler benefits: 

  • Low emissions and auxiliary power requirements
  • Reliable power
  • Small greenhouse gas footprint
  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Operational flexibility



The MultiCirc (patent-pending) systems maximize thermal efficiency while maintaining reliability by minimizing boiler tube internal scaling. They also accommodate lower-quality feedwater.


Heros Boiler Connection Ready
The auxiliary equipment modules and boiler, depending on size, can be shop mounted to skids with pre-wiring and piping. This accelerates transportation and reduces field installation times.

Elevated Drum

Heros Boilers Elevated Drum
Our elevated-drum design is used for drum retention times of 5 minutes or more from normal water level to low water fuel cutout. This design allows for a more symmetrical load with the upper steam drum shipped separately from the boiler and installed onsite.