B&W SPIG Dry Cooling Systems

Dry Cooling Systems

Dry Cooling Technologies

Dry cooling technology, both air-cooled condensers (ACC) and air fin coolers (AFC), represent a substantial portion of B&W SPIG’s global business, as water preservation is increasingly becoming a priority for plant owners and operators.

This environmentally sound technology features no hot water discharge and requires little maintenance.


Air-Cooled Condensers

Air-cooled condenser (ACC) technology does not need water to condense the process fluid. In this system, exhaust steam from the turbine flows counter-currently through the tube bundles of an ACC and is condensed in parallel flow tube bundles using air flow induced by axial fans.

B&W SPIG offers design, engineering, manufacture and installation of ACC systems suitable for power plants, waste-to-energy plants, chemical and petrochemical industry, and oil refineries, to name a few.

Features of B&W SPIG ACC designs include:

• A-frame, V-frame or Δ-frame configurations
• Low fan power consumption
• Resistant to corrosion and freezing conditions
• Low maintenance
• Options for double row tube bundles or single-row aluminum fin tube bundles

B&W SPIG Air Fin Cooler

Air fin coolers (AFC)

Hybrid Cooling Systems

B&W SPIG also provides solutions for environmentally friendly wet/dry (hybrid) cooling towers. Hybrid Cooling Systems are the optimal solution for plume abatement and water saving.

B&W SPIG Air Cooled Condensor

Air-cooled condenser (ACC)

Advantages of single-row aluminum fin tube bundles include:

• Lower pressure drop (steam-side and air-side)
• Higher thermal efficiency
• No dead zones
• Lower fan power consumption
• Lower sound levels
• Lower weight per surface area
• Higher corrosion resistance

Air Fin Coolers

Air-cooled heat exchangers, also known as air fin coolers, are a cost-effective solution using air to cool process fluids. Air fin coolers are typically used in process industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, refineries, power plants, waste-to-energy plants, and chemical processing.

B&W SPIG provides cost-effective designs to meet the required thermal performances and to ensure the best efficiency in thermal and mechanical pressure part designs, steel structure and noise management.

We can provide the following types of finned tubes:

  • G-Fin (embedded): this high efficiency finned tube is designed for high thermal or mechanical stress, with an upper temperature limit of about 400C.
  • L-Fin (wrapped): this finned tube is designed for low temperature applications where tube corrosion protection is required. The upper temperature limit is about 130C.
  • Other finned tube types such as galvanized fin tubes and extruded fin tubes, are also available.

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