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B&W Loibl plate conveyors present an economical solution for a multitude of tasks in transport and treatment processes including dust-free, pressure and water-tight transport, extraction, distribution and feeding as well as bulk material cooling.

B&W Loibl offers established, field-tested systems for all applications. Our plate conveyors are constructed from edged sheet metal with welded side walls. The plates are connected with continuous hinged tubes and axles. Heavy dual-sided bush conveyor chains with flanged rollers serve as tension elements.

Depending on application, St37, wear-reducing, rust-free and heat-resilient materials are used in combination with corresponding bush conveyor chains. Coatings such as hard ceramic or cast basalt are used to protect against abrasions. Explosion protection and ATEX directives can also be included.

B&W Loibl Plate Conveyor


  • Transport is easy on product
  • High transport capacities possible
  • Large grain products are transportable


  • Lower dust emissions
  • Established and durable technology
  • Machine parts / plate band are precisely aligned with each other and application
  • Long service life
  • Low noise emissions
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly



Construction material

Steel / metal


Mining / Open cast mining

Surface mining


Waste management

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