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The B&W Loibl pipe conveyor is a closed belt conveyor ideally suited for curved paths. It transports materials in a pipe-shaped enclosed band that is environmentally friendly and protected from outside elements. Horizontal upward and downward sloping transport paths can be performed with our pipe conveyor, and transport in both directions is also possible.

At the heart of this product is a special textile or steel cable belt that is formed into a pipe by hexagonal support roller arrangement that allows for forward and reverse operations. One of the advantages of the system is that the product inner side remains the product inner side and prevents dirtying through spillage.

In tensioning areas, inlet and outlet points, the belt runs flat and is carried on support roller stations or runs around the head drums.

Spillage belts, belt turning stations and special belt scales can be brought into the operation. Equipped with all the required monitoring facilities, our pipe conveyor is a reliable, environmentally friendly and economical transport system.

B&W Loibl Pipe Conveyor


  • Negotiates curves, all terrains and flexible
  • Gradients up to 30 degrees possible, depending on product
  • Downward conveying possible
  • High transport capacity
  • Saves space compared with conventional belt systems
  • Enclosed roll belt for transport and reverse mode
  • The side that comes in contact with product remains the inner side


• Low space requirement
• Optimum adaptation to prevailing terrain and economical belt path
• Avoids transfer points
• Environmentally friendly
• Conveyed material is protected against outside elements
• Sensitive conveyed material is protected
• Selectable inlet and outlet positions
• Low noise conveyance
• 3-dimension curves possible
• Two-way transport with simultaneous and differing capacities and products possible
• Building block system due to standard components
• High level of availability and operational safety
• Low investment costs
• Low maintenance




Construction material

Steel / Metal


Mining / open cast mining


Biomass, coal, pellets, gypsum, ash, slag, recycling material

Wood chips, kaolin, pulp, waste paper, salt

Gypsum, lime, loam, sand, stone, minerals, cement

Ore, furnace ash, coal, slag, concentrate, mixtures

Powder, granulate, minerals, mixtures

Ores, soil, sand, minerals, mixtures

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