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Closed Conveyor System

The B&W Loibl closed conveyor system is designed for curved paths that transport material  -- dust- and abrasive-free -- without additional inlet points.

Grape-shaped hanging rubber pockets with steel cabled reinforced profiles are supported and guided by support rollers and driven by conventional gear motors.

B&W Loibl Sicon Conveyor


  • Transport capacity of up to 500 m³/h
  • Gradients up to 35 degrees
  • Product temperatures up to  60° C
  • Curve radius minimal 600 mm
  • Direction change up to 180 degrees
  • Belt widths range from 650 to 1,400 mm
  • Support profiles corresponding to tractive forces of S100 or S1,000
  • Transport lengths unlimited,  taking cost effectiveness into account
  • Highly flexible rubber pockets without inserts
  • Belt qualities, anti-static, pitch, oil- and grease-resistant
  • Belt's transmission of tractive power via hot vulcanized, steel cable reinforced, support profiles


  • Avoids transfer points due to direction change
  • Avoids dust emissions due to closed belt systems
  • Avoids dirt under the returning belt
  • Closed belt for transport and return
  • Belt side which comes in contact with the product is always internal
  • Protection for sensitive transport materials
  • Self-centering belt arrangement
  • No need for outer belt cleaning due to selfcleaning belt
  • Conventional drive motors and ATEX compliance
  • Amount of inlet and outlet points can be freely selected
  • Two-way conveyance with different capacities and directions possible
  • Low space requirements
  • Building block system due to standard components




Construction material

Steel / metal


Mining / Open cast mining



Biomass, coal, pellets, gypsum, ash, slag recycling material

Wood chips, kaolin, pulp, waste paper, salt

Gypsum, lime, loam, sand, stones, minerals, cement

Ore, furnace ash, coal, slag, concentrate

Powder, granulate, minerals, mixtures

Ores, soil, sand, minerals, mixtures

Fishmeal / food, waste products, commodities, grain, pellets

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