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B&W Volund combustion grates provide waste flow that ensures drying, ignition, combustion, energy release and complete burn-out before the bottom ash outlet.

In a waste-to-energy plant, the grate is where waste is converted into energy – the heart of the system. As such, grates are a significant focus area for us. Over the past 80 years we have supplied more than 500 combustion grates worldwide. Many of our older grates are still in operation, running efficiently and living up to current environmental standards.

B&W Volund offers two combustion grates: the DynaGrate® and the Vølund combustion grates. Each grate is available in both water-cooled and air-cooled designs. The DynaGrate and the Vølund grates were developed to provide reliable transport of waste through the furnace.

DynaGrate® combustion grates

The state-of-the-art DynaGrate combustion grate is one of the most advanced combustion grates in the waste-to-energy market. The DynaGrate® provides excellent performance with low maintenance costs due to a design technology that causes little wear.

With the DynaGrate technology we are able to meet tomorrow's demands for waste-fired plants, which require a high level of accessibility, fuel flexibility, and energy recovery, under environmentally sound conditions.

Our DynaGrate is renowned for:
Its unique movement: A strong agitation of the fuel bed results in an excellent burn out of the waste fuel
Its unique design: There is no contact between the grate bars. This design ensures minimum impact of mechanical forces and minimizes the need for spare parts
Its unique cooling system: A fully integrated water cooling system ensures a stable operation and high availability of the combustion system.

Features and benefits of the DynaGrate combustion grate:

  • Combustion of all types of untreated waste
  • Biomass co-firing capability
  • Optimal fuel bed agitation provides uniform and efficient combustion
  • Unique combustion control and fast stoker response
  • No contact between the grate bars and side liners:
    • Limits wear
    • Reduces the mechanical forces to which the grate is exposed during operation
    • No problem with fusion of metals – as seen on classical forward/backward acting grates
  • 4 to 55 t/h capacity

Water-cooled DynaGrate combustion grate

Our patented, water-cooled DynaGrate provides superior grate durability for combusting high calorific waste, which can cause high thermal stresses in the grate. The cooling for the combustion grate is independent of primary air.

Additional features and benefits of the water-cooled DynaGrate

  • Large variation in fuel compositions and heating values
  • Suitable for high calorific waste up to 25 MJ/kg
  • Operation at low excess air means:
    • Cooling for the combustion grate is independent of primary air
    • High thermal efficiency
    • Low NOx formation
  • Minimal grate siftings and less metal in air hoppers
  • Combination of water-cooled and air-cooled grates
  • Long lifetime, less wear on parts, and lower maintenance costs 

Volund combustion grates

The Vølund grate is still one of the industry’s most dependable grates. It has been keeping systems running smoothly for more than 80 years. And even though our Vølund grate has been well-proven and robust, we continue to conduct research and improve the technology.

This includes our knowledge on types of steel and alloys. Throughout the years we have developed our heat cast grates to withstand very high temperatures and to increase lifetime.

Features and benefits include:

  • Lower maintenance cost with improved grate plates
  • Minimum emission of harmful substances and maximum energy recovery
  • High availability and operational reliability
  • Good air distribution and minimal power consumption
  • Solid, reliable design
  • High reliability with minimal downtime
  • Simplicity and robust grate design suitable for waste with low calorific value

Combustion Grate

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