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Smelt Spouts

The design, installation and maintenance of smelt spouts, used to discharge liquid smelt from the furnace to the dissolving tank, are important to the safe, reliable operation of Kraft recovery boilers.

Since supplying the first Kraft recovery boiler in 1929, B&W has led the development of many improvements in safer, longer-lasting operation of smelt spout systems. Our latest innovation is a new, boiler wall-mounted hood enclosure design. It is available for our 15- and 30-degree insertable spouts and incorporates a hood-mounted optimally positioned shatter jet assembly.

Smelt Spout

Design features:

• Hood is supported from furnace wall

• Floating seal at dissolving tank extension neck

• Removable front plate for access to smelt spout without removing the entire hood enclosure

• Low-profile shatter jet assembly to adjust angles for optimum smelt shattering

• Dual shatter jet design accommodates primary and backup on same support

• External wall wash piping to distribute weak wash flow down the inside hood wall to prevent deposits.

Diamond Power SpoutRunner Rodding Robot for Safe, Automated Spout Cleaning

Diamond Power SpoutRunner Rodding Robot
Designed for Safety and Durability

Engineered to address the most dangerous task in recovery boiler maintenance, the SpoutRunner™ system automates the rodding of smelt for the safety of pulp and paper mill personnel.

Simple to operate, it consists of a hinged pneumatic drive that, when activated, uses gravity and pneumatic force to travel up and down the spout with a custom-designed cleaning head that safely and reliably clears the smelt away.



  • Minimizes operators’ time spent around the volatile spout deck
  • Durable design made to withstand harsh operating environments
  • Continuous spout cleaning provides undisturbed flow
  • Easy to integrate with existing spout hood
  • Quick setup/removal for easy maintenance
  • Simple to operate, superior performance and more cost-effective than most comparable offerings

Designed for Flexibility

The SpoutRunner system does not interfere with normal spout operation, and manual rodding is still possible, if needed. It can be fully integrated with the unit’s existing hoods or installed with custom hoods, and is easily mounted and removed.

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