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B&W SPIG Awarded Contract to Supply Sea Water Cooling Towers for Project in Bahrain

(PARUZZARO, Italy – September 19, 2019) –SPIG S.p.A. (SPIG), a subsidiary of Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc., has been awarded a contract to supply a sea water cooling tower to SEPCOIII for the Al Dur Phase II Independent Water and Power Project in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

EPA's Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule

Affordable Clean Energy Rule

The EPA’s recently published Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule identifies heat rate improvements as the Best Source for Emissions Reductions (BSER) to control CO2. While the rule currently does not set limits, it establishes the framework for states to use to set achievable unit level heat rate improvements (HRI) at the plants.

We prepared an overview of the rule, summarized the timeline, and review the six BSER candidate technologies which can help you improve plant heat rate and boiler efficiency.

The Importance of Boiler Water and Steam Chemistry

The Importance of Boiler Water and Steam Chemistry
Successful long-term operation of steam-producing systems requires careful attention to water treatment and water chemistry control. Proper water chemistry control not only affects boiler operation by optimizing efficiency and reducing maintenance costs, it also can improve performance and life expectancy of other system components, including heat exchangers, pumps, turbines and piping throughout the steam generation and condensation cycle.

This article discusses steam purity requirements, water sampling and analysis techniques, and boiler feedwater limits.

Wet FGD Systems Upgrades – Absorber Gas-Liquid Contact Devices

Wet FGD absorber tray

SO2 removal in a wet scrubber is controlled by how much SO2 can be absorbed per unit volume of recirculated slurry. This is referred to as absorption.

SO2 absorption is partly a function of the physical design of the absorber, which sets the gas-slurry contact area. Improving the contact between the gas and slurry, therefore, can help increase SO2 removal, as well as provide ancillary benefits. Read about two such proven methods in this article.

Efficiency Improvements in your Boiler

Engineering Field Services

A performance or engineering study is an important first step in determining where efficiency improvements in your boiler may be realized. As you seek to get the most from your operating assets, our field service engineers can assist you in optimizing your boiler and boiler island equipment.

Let us help you get started by reviewing your pulverizers, burners, igniters, sootblowing equipment and controls, among other key areas of your plant.

[VIDEO] An Overview of the IK-555 Long Travel Retractable Sootblower

In this short video at our Lancaster, Ohio facility, Brad highlights some of the strengths of our IK-555 sootblower.

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