CFB Boiler Design for Indigenous Coals of Southern Africa

Presented to: Industrial Fluidization South Africa, IFSA 2017
October 3-5, 2017
Johannesburg, South Africa

J.P. Dacierno ; D.L. Kraft ; J.L. Remus ; J.W. Watson - Babcock & Wilcox - Barberton, Ohio, U.S.A.


A number of projects are planned in southern Africa that utilize circulating fluidized–bed (CFB) boiler technology to burn newly mined indigenous coals to produce steam for generation of electric
power having low cost. The selected coals for these projects have 17.23 to 20.89 MJ/kg (7,406 to 8,981 Btu/lb) HHV basis and contain high levels of ash, sulfur and moisture. While the more traditional
pulverized coal boilers can be designed to fire these fuels, CFB boilers have a stronger track record burning low-grade coals with less costly post-combustion pollutant treatment requirements. Since these plants will be located in remote locations they must operate independently and reliably with low maintenance, have flexibility to generate a wide range of steam capacity and be capable to follow load quickly. The success of each project will strongly depend on the boiler supplier’s ability to understand characteristics of unfamiliar coals and include critical design features needed for the CFB boiler to achieve its performance requirements in a reliable fashion.

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