Turnaround Services 

B&W is a leading supplier of turnaround and capital project services for customers in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas refining, petrochemical, electric utility, pulp and paper, and other industrial process industries. Through experience, unique execution strategies, complex methodologies and specialty services, we have the depth of knowledge necessary to safely deliver a successful project.
We have a reputation for meeting commitments — even with schedule, access or manpower constraints — to get your operation back online sooner.

We provide multi-trade field services on turnarounds for a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Boilers (package, CO, power)
  • Furnaces
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Piping and tubes
  • Valves
  • Environmental equipment
  • Distillation towers 

Our competencies in field and technical services include:

  • Welding and weld engineering
  • Field installation
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Equipment modifications, refurbishments and repair
  • Inspection and nondestructive examination (NDE) services
  • Condition assessment and trending analysis
  • Technical advice and guidance
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Operator assessment and training
  • Boiler and combustion tuning


Safety is at the core of our business and is a key element of our culture. With a solid safety vision, our Target Zero program is a comprehensive and successful program that not only treats safety as a priority, but also as a value every employee must adopt.

Project Execution

Execution of turnarounds and major projects requires an attention-to-detail to planning and coordination. We pride ourselves in being well organized and achieving optimal productivity for time on tools.

Through the development of execution plans and the use of project controls, we can deliver projects with predictable results that are on time and on budget. Our execution strategies utilize proven methodologies which result in the reduction of risk, cost and project span.

Construction Technology

  • Extensive heavy lift, rigging and jacking experience
  • Module constructability and assembly knowledge
  • Logistics and planning for heavy load transportation and material handling
  • Temporary structural reinforcements to handle load changes during construction
  • Construction engineering utilizing the latest design and modeling software


B&W is certified by various external regulatory authorities and jurisdictions to design, fabricate and install boilers, pressure vessels, and piping, including provincial jurisdictions, ASME, NBIC, ISO, CWB, ABSA and TSASK.


المنشآت الجديدة

نبرهن لعملائنا باستمرار على قدرتنا على تقديم الحلول المبتكرة الناجحة لجميع مشكلاتهم، بدءًا من المعدات الجديدة، وانتهاءً بمشروعات البناء والمشروعات الهندسية الشاملة والمعقدة.

الترقيات / التحديثات

يعد تعديل المعدات الحالية وتحسينها وصيانتها من الاعتبارات الضرورية لاستمرار جميع العمليات لفترة طويلة وتحقيق الربحية منها.

قطع الغيار / الخدمات

تتوفر شبكة ضخمة من مراكز الصيانة الإقليمية المنتشرة في مختلف أرجاء العالم ومهندسي الخدمة الميدانية ومسؤولي الدعم الفني لتقديم حلول الخدمات المُخصصة وخدمات ما بعد البيع بما يلبي متطلباتك.