Impact of Activated Carbon on Dust Mitigation for Ash Silo

Presented to: Power-Gen International
December 5-7, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

B.G. Springer - Babcock & Wilcox - Lancaster, Ohio, U.S.A.

H.C. Lopez - Babcock & Wilcox - Exton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


The unloading of fly ash storage silos is a process prone to dusting. When fly ash is transported by open-top trucks, dusting in the silo unloading bay is typically mitigated by conditioning the ash with the addition of a carefully controlled quantity of water in a device such as a pugmill mixer. When activated carbon is comingled with the fly ash in the storage silo, dust control can be become more complex. The hydrophobic nature of activated carbon requires a significantly higher quantity of water to get the fine particles to bind with the fly ash and prevent airborne particulate during the unloading process. This paper will describe and characterize the properties of ash and activated carbon, as well as their impact on conditioning. An advanced system for dust mitigation is also described along with a discussion on operating experience.

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