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Particulate Emissions Control

B&W provides a wide range of solutions for the removal of particulate matter (PM) produced during combustion or manufacturing processes. Our experience provides our customers with the best available technology for most applications, regardless of fuel.

Our equipment solutions for particulate emissions include:

• Wet particulate scrubbers
• Wet and dry electrostatic precipitators (ESPs)
• Multiclone® dust collectors
• Pulse jet fabric filters (baghouses)

wet particulate scrubbers

Wet Particulate Scrubbers

Our venturi scrubbers provide the low maintenance, high efficiency performance needed for handling high temperatures, heavy dust loading, and abrasive, sticky particulate. It is the standard for applications with high-particulate loading. Its design ensures constant pressure drop, which equates to constant removal efficiency.


Wet ESPs

Our industry-leading wet ESP technology provides owners and operators with many features and benefits including low operating and maintenance costs, ultra low particulate emissions, compatibility with wet flue gas desulfurization (wet FGD) technology, and an optimized system design for sorbent injection technologies. Our wet ESPs can be found around the world, providing high efficiency control of submicron particulate, heavy metals, acid mists and fumes.

Our wet ESPs are adaptable to a wide variety of gas cleaning applications, regardless of the physical or chemical nature of the collected material.

For manufacturers with existing air pollution control equipment, wet ESP upgrades draw praise from customers who are eliminating carryover and costly maintenance by utilizing our patented designs. Improvements to T/R sets, water treatment, gas flow distribution and mist elimination enhance performance, reduce operating costs and protect downstream equipment.

Dry ESPs

Dry ESPs

Our dry ESP technology combines the advantages of maximum particulate collection efficiency with low operating and maintenance costs. In addition to a proven record of performance and reliability, our dry ESP offers many distinct advantages, including high collection efficiency (often greater than 99%), high temperature tolerability, a wide capacity range, and low maintenance.

multiclone dust collector

Multiclone Dust Collectors

Our Multiclone® dust collector is simple in design, yet effective at collecting a variety of entrained dust for a wide range of applications. Each system is custom engineered to provide the most efficient dust removal. We are the original manufacturer of Multiclone dust collectors and replacement parts formerly offered by Western Precipitation. Our Multiclone dust collectors are found in all types of power and industrial applications, including pulp and paper plants, cement plants, steel mills, petroleum coke plants, metallurgical plants, sawmills and other types of facilities that process dust.

The Multiclone collector features long-lasting tube life, low maintenance, reliable operation and a modular, versatile design for use in a variety of applications.

Pulse jet fabric filters

Pulse Jet Fabric Filters

B&W has supplied some of the largest and most efficient pulse jet fabric filters in the world. Our design innovations offer features not available from other suppliers, such as our long bag (10 meter) technology, enhanced pulse system, and online maintenance capability. Our fabric filters, or baghouses, offer high particulate removal efficiencies, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced operating costs.  Integrating fabric filters with our sorbent injection and flue gas desulfurization (FGD) technologies also provides high removal efficiencies of hazardous air pollutants in a variety of applications.  It can also be used with an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) for greater mercury (Hg) control. Our innovative fabric filter technology can be found in a variety of industries including steel, cement, incineration and steam generating boilers that utilize a variety of fossil- and biomass-based fuels.

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Upgrades and Retrofits by B&W
Modifying, improving and maintaining existing equipment are vital considerations for the long-term viability and profitability of all operations.

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