Cooling Systems from B&W SPIG

Wet & Dry Cooling Systems
Custom-Engineered and Environmentally Sound

Wet Cooling Systems

B&W SPIG Wet Cooling Systems

Our wet cooling systems are ideal for a wide range of applications. Types include natural draft cooling towers, also known as hyperbolic cooling towers and mechanical draft field-erected cooling towers, available in fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) and pre-cast concrete.  

Dry Cooling Systems

Dry Cooling Systems

B&W SPIG dry cooling systems, including air-cooled condensers and air fin coolers, are a solution for plant owners and operators who require a technology solution that preserves water and requires minimal maintenance. 

Aftermarket Services

Our wide range of aftermarket services include engineered upgrades, replacement parts, maintenance services and online monitoring systems for B&W SPIG and other OEM designs. 

About B&W SPIG

B&W SPIG, whose brand dates back to 1936, is a global turn-key Cooling Systems supplier.

Since its establishment, the Company has been providing the customers with an increasingly extensive range of high-quality Cooling Towers Air Cooled Condenser and related Services.

B&W SPIG Cooling Towers have been installed all over the world, primarily in Italy, Europe, U.S.A., South America, the Middle East and Asia. Today a large percentage of the Company’s products are installed outside Europe, providing further evidence of the Company’s excellent reputation overseas.

These installations cover a diverse array of applications including thermal power plants, petroleum refineries, petrochemical industry, steel works, sugar refineries, food industry, district cooling etc.


Industries & Applications

  • Power Generation

  • Cogeneration (Combined Heat & Power or CHP)

  • District Heating and Cooling or HVACR

  • Oil and Petrochemical

  • Steel and Metals

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Food Processing

  • Waste-to-Energy

  • Cement

  • General Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Projects & Cases

    Petrochemical Plant

    Petrochemical Plant - Saudi Arabia


    860 MW Power Plant

    860 MW Power Plant


    Waste to Energy Plant

    WTE Plant - UK


    400 MW Power Plant

    400 MW Power Plant - Russia

    145 MW CHP Plant

    145 MW CHP Plant - Korea


    Chemical Plant     

    Chemical Plant - Russia


    Geothermal Plant    

    Geothermal Plant - Kenya


    Paper Mill              

    Paper Mill - Brasil